5 x 8 bathroom?

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A 5’ x 8” Bathroom Layout With A Corner Shower. When you want a bit more space for storage, or you just don’t need as large of a tub or shower as the above layout, a corner shower can be a great option! a corner shower will leave wall space available to add additional built-in cabinetry, hooks, or even open shelves.

April 29, 2021. The most common area size of a bathroom in a regular household is 5 by 8. A bathroom requires a minimum of 40 square feet to adjust all basic amenities one needs to have in their bathroom. A 5×8 bathroom layout has enough room for a sink, a toilet, a shower, or a shower-tub combo. Not everyone has a luxury bathroom.

This 5×8 bathroom ideas has lots of mirror around the room which makes doesn’t look stuffy with its decorative overall look. Fresh Earthy Touch. Giving the touch of nature to a small bathroom can be a simple way to make it feel fresher. You can choose a bathroom vanity or shelvings with the rustic wood finish. Pick a Particular Style

See more ways to lay out a 5-by-8 bathroom. CCForteza. Save Photo. These drawings show the tile layout. Walls moved: No, but one nonstructural half-wall was removed. Plumbing moved: Yes. Everything was reconfigured. The shower head switched walls, and the sink plumbing was rerouted from the wall up through the floor.

Save Photo. This is Escott’s favorite layout for an 5-by-8-foot bathroom. With the door on the 8-foot wall, the desired arrangement is to have the sink directly opposite the entrance. That way if the door gets left open, guests — or you and your family — are looking at a nice vanity rather than a toilet.

So what best 5×8 bathroom layouts that we recommend for you. Placements 5X8 bathroom is the master size bathroom. Commonly it consists of shower/tub, toilet, sink and one door placed in the corner. As most of practical designs, shower eats more spaces, so place it on the right or left side of the bathroom is recommended.

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This bathroom plan is little more than a toilet and a sink, suitable for hand-washing and toilet duties only. This is an ideal half bath for short-term guests who are not spending the night. Such a small bathroom is known as a powder room, guest bathroom, or half bath. Dimensions . Length: 52 inches; Width: 48 inches; Area: 17 square feet; Features

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