7 venus days equal how many earth days?

Jerrod Gorczany asked a question: 7 venus days equal how many earth days?
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❓ How many days on earth days equal one saturn day?

One day on Saturn is roughly 10-11 earth hours

❓ How many earth days does venus take to rotate?

It takes about 243 Earth days.

❓ One day on venus equals how many earth days?

One day on Venus is 243 Earth days.Yes, that's the sidereal day, but the solar day is 117 Earth days.

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One day

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How many days is equal to one semister?

90 days.

How many dog days equal one human day?

1 dog day = 7 human hours.ALL CREDIT TO Does_one_dog_day_equal_seven_human_days How many day for puppies to be born? About 63-65 days for a small dog breed, or about 60-70 days for a larger dog

How many human years equal 1 light year is equal to earth years?

Multiply them and you get that 1 light year is equivalent to: 9 460 730 472 580 800 m. In miles, that would be 58,78,61,28,43,200‬ For a visualization of the distance, consider the distance of the moon to the earth: 384,400 km. That’s like a drop in the ocean compared to a light year. Light will transverse that in seconds.

How many days does it take to get to venus?

It takes six months or 180 days. this is an estimate

90 hours is how many earth days?

90 hours would be 3.75 earth days.

Is venus hotter or cooler than earth?

Venus is closer to the Sun, so naturally, it would be much hotter than Earth.

How many days does venus takes to revolve around the sun?

It takes about 225 of our Earth days.

How many days are in one earth day?


How close was venus to earth in 1984?

Depends on what month in 1984.

How many days does it take venus to travel around the sun?

It takes Venus 225 days to orbit the sun.

How many days does moon takes to rotate earth?

Moon takes 27 days to rotate earth for one cycle.

How many jupiter days fit into one earth day?

There are about 2.4 Jupiter days in one Earth day.

How many days does it take for venus take to orbit the sun?

About 224.7 Earth days.

How many human years is 1 light year is equal to earth years?

As stated earlier though, the year specified in light year is different to the year specified in Earth year. In fact, the year specified in a light year is actually 11 minutes and 31 seconds longer than an Earth year. So, the year in a light year is actually equal to 1.000022 Earth years - a difference of a whooping 0.0022%!

How many days does earth takes to orbit the sun?

365.24 or 365.25 days. A year

How many days does it take to obit the earth?

28 days

How many days was jesus on earth after the resurrection?

'ascent of Jesus') is the Christian teaching that Christ physically departed from Earth by rising into Heaven, in the presence of eleven of his apostles. According to the New Testament narrative, the Ascension occurred forty days after the resurrection.

How many moons does venus have?

Venus does not have any moons or rings. The only other planet in our Solar System without a moon is Mercury.According to NASA Venus has no moons.

How many satellites does venus have?

Venus has no natural satellites (moons)Venus a planet has no moons or satellites.Venus has no natural satellites.

Does one dog day equal seven human days?

Answer 1:It is not true that dogs live seven years for every one of a human. That is but a popular myth. And any source on the net - or your veterinarian - will confirm that fact.And "dog days" refers to the hottest days of the summer, usually between July and September, and has nothing to do with dog or human longevity.Answer 2:No. I'm not sure about dog days but I do know dog years. One of our years equals 7 dog years. So if you have a 1 year old dog: It's 7 years old in dog years. Or if it's two (Like my dog): It's 14 years old, in dog years anyway. Some people don't even care though, going through the process of remembering the seven year thing, and just go by people years and say their dogs live to be about 14. (People who know dog years think this is horrible, considering they think the people only let their dogs live up to 2 human years.)Answer 3:(Note: There may be missing equations, or the equations below might be wrong, but I came up with this list one day think about this very question.):Math for a Dog's Growth, through Dog-a-Day Equations:There are 60 seconds in 1 minute, and 60 minutes in 1 hour, 24 hours in a day, and 30 days a month, 12 months a year. That year containing 365 days. (365, 12, 30, 24, 60, 60) Knowing this, my question became thus:"With a growth pattern of seven to one (7:1), or seven dog years being equal to one human year, what are the number of dog months and days broken-down in relation to a human time-frame?"365 hd / 12 hm = 30.42 human days in one human month.12 hm / 7 dy = 1.71 dog years equal one human month.30.42 hd / 1.71dy = 17.79 human days equal one dog month.365 hd / 7 dy = 52.14 human days equal one dog year.(365hd, 1hy / 7hd, 1hw = 52hw, 1hy)365 hd * 7 dy = 2,555 dog days are in one human year.52.14 hd / 12 hm = 3.45 human days equal one dog week.2555 dd-hy / 3.45 hh-dw = 740.58 dog weeks are in one human year.24 hh / 3.43 dd = 7 human hours equal one dog day.24 hh / 7 hd = 3.43 dog days are in one human day.10.40 dd / 3.45 hd = 3.01 human days equal one dog week.17.79 hd / 1.71 dy = 10.40 dog days equal one dog month.12 hm / 1.71 dy = 7.02 dog months are in one dog year.740.54 dw-hy / 3.01dd-dw = 246.03 dog weeks equal one dog year.7 hh / 24hh = 0.29 of one human hour.7 hh / 3 dd = 2.33 human hours equal one dog day chopped into three sections.KEY:dh = dog hourshh = human hoursdd = dogs dayshd = human daysdw = dog weekhw = human weekdm = dog monthshm = human monthsdy = dog yearshy = human yearsInformation, questions, calculations, and equations compiled by Curtis Lee Cancino© 9-30-09

How many ounces equal 300milliliters?

Ounces do not convert into milliliters. Ounces are weight and milliliters are volume. Milliliters are usually for measuring liquid and each individual liquid will have a different weight per milliliters. So you can't convert generally, you need to know the name of the substance that you are measuring. If you are talking about fluid ounces, then 300 milliliters is 10.144 fluid ounces.