Best feat for my human bard?

Marcel Sporer asked a question: Best feat for my human bard?
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Using the optional feats rule, you can forgo taking that feature to take a feat ... not vice versa, and not anything provided by racial traits, including the feat provided by the variant human ... I am sorry, removing RAW blinders would be helpful. It is equivalent at level 4 (and beyond) : either get a feat or a +2 ASI.

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Now I just finished up played a human Bard. I started with Resilient Con, so I could have a 13 Wisdom. I did this so I could take a dip into Life Cleric, then went ASI, and Lucky. But with Lucky being banned, Warcaster works or whatever other feat works at the time of picking.

War caster is a good bet for you as a valor bard. You don't need a free hand to cast spells, you get advantage on concentration checks so your spells don't end while you are in melee, and you can hit creatures with a vicious mockery instead of a sword strike when they move out of your threat which imposes disadvantage on their attack.

Actor is a good feat for a bard because of its bonuses to a player’s Charisma. It also works well if the character’s race is a human variant . Players who take this feat get a plus 1 to their Charisma score as well as advantages on certain Deception and Performance checks.

Shadow Touched TCoE: This is a good feat, but there are frustratingly few spell options and most of them are already available to the Bard. Inflict Wounds may be and effective single-target damage option when you get dragged into melee, but I don't think it's worth the feat.

My varient human sword bard took the UA feat Blade Mastery as my starting feat, on one side I really like the imagery of the bardic swordmaster on the other it's actually been really useful. Since you've got the duel wielder feat it can apply to your rapier attacks, giving plus 1 to hit to all 3 of your attacks per turn.

A good choice for players who want a Feat rather than the ability score increase, but still need to bump their bard's charisma up a point. War Caster.

Bestow Curse: This spell is the best debuff available to the Bard. It’s versatile, powerful, and very impactful. Catnap XGtE: The exact time of a short rest is up to the DM. If you’re playing a strict rules-as-written, this will save you some time. Clairvoyance: The best scouting and scrying option, clairvoyance gives you great bang for your buck.

Healer is one of the best utility and cost effective feats. For an action, you can use a healer’s kit to stabilize your allies when they’re making death saves. This alone is incredible. Additionally, you can use a Healer’s Kit to heal a target once for 1d6 + 4 + a target’s level.

Overall, a good choice for a bard, and fits seamlessly into the OP build we’re trying for. 10 Background: Charlatan A Charlatan background for a bard seems like it would go against the goal, but the Charlatan is a surprisingly good choice for a bard.

Start with a 16 Dexterity and Intelligence and pick up War Magic's Tactical Wit at level 2 and you're looking at a +11 to initiative! 4: Heavy Armor Master with Forge Cleric: Chain mail and shield with a +1 AC from Blessing of of the Forge and Shield of Faith gives you an impressive 21 AC at level 1.

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