Can you damage a piano by playing it on one?

Lisette Leuschke asked a question: Can you damage a piano by playing it on one?
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❓ Can playing piano damage fingers?

Most injuries that pianists end up having come from tension and overuse (repetitive patterns) of our tendons in our hands and arms… Numbness in fingers and/or hands from nerve entrapment. Stiffness and/or a loss of mobility in fingers, hands, or wrists.

❓ Does playing an untuned piano damage the piano?

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❓ Can you damage a piano by playing it?

you won't damage anything but your ears. 17. level 1. BauerHouse. 4 years ago. Congrats on the piano - you can play it without worrying about the tuning. That won't hurt it... pianos are pretty tough overall (their kryptonite is moisture, remember that).

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The truth is your kids won’t be able to harm your piano simply by playing it with their fingers. Now, it’s a complete thing altogether if they drop something heavy or sharp onto the keys – that can cause some serious damage. But just playing the piano with their fingers is little – to pretty much zero – risk of any sort of damage.

Do not roll a piano on its rollers. The rollers on a piano are to make small adjustments. Do not rely on them to move the piano. The legs on an upright piano with rollers do not hold up to moving the piano when used. Many pianos have been damaged by assuming one can just push on the piano without easing the weight on those legs.

Hi Thank you for sharing this content. I have experienced all these pain and injuries in the past which led me to design a music stand for piano. I spent several months designing America's #1 Patented Ergonomic Piano Music Stand. You can visit my website to check this product.

It is easy to fall into the habit of using more force than needed, and because of the extremely high levels of repetition involved in piano playing, excessive force is potentially injurious. In short, pianists' stress injuries are caused by. co-contraction, awkward positions, static muscular activity, and; excessive force.

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If you’ve considered getting one of these units for your piano you might wonder whether or not it will do any damage to the piano or if it will it play differently? These are good questions which require something more than a simple yes or no answers. The truth is, it can hurt the piano, but it doesn’t have to.

Indeed, they are not dangerous in non-repetitive tasks. They are dangerous for pianists because piano playing is extremely repetitive. One handbook on stress injury considers "highly repetitive" any tasks requiring 1500 or so repetitions per hour. That may sound like a lot of repetition but it is nothing compared to piano playing.

5: NO NO NO. Trying to “stretch” your hands will almost inevitably lead to injury. Be sensible about the type of repertoire you can play with the hand span God gave you. 8: If you learn to “think in keys” this should be no problem. Think of scale degrees rather than “oh gawd 5 flats…”

Learning to play the piano at an older age can give you a new outlet for creative expression. This can also help exercise the creative centers of your brain. Whether you’re just playing music or even creating it yourself, the brain will learn to use new areas that may have gone unnoticed before.

the back, neck, shoulders will be strong and endure daily physical activities. I think pianists can get tense around the neck and shoulders due to overpracticing. Stress is another factor that can cause pain.

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Can You Play the Piano Too Hard? This is a very common question I get all the time. However, it’s mostly a concern for parents with young children who are worried about the damage that might be done when their children bang on the keys of the piano.

Can you damage a piano by playing too hard and losing?

Now, the question of whether or not you can play the piano too hard is a bit more involved. When it comes to sound quality, it is possible to play the piano too hard – to the point where the sound quality is degraded. For example, a concert level Steinway or Baldwin or other top-tier pianos (voiced on the mellow side) would be able to withstand an extreme level of playing and produce a very nice and clear sound. However, a cheaper piano – or one not regulated properly with harder hammers ...

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Whether you have a grand piano or an upright, you can clean out the soundboard by blowing away accumulated dust and dirt. To do this, either use a vacuum on reverse or a can of compressed air. However, it's important that you only do this if you're experienced with cleaning piano interiors, because it's very easy to damage the strings and dampers.

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Can You Play the Piano Too Hard? This is a very common question I get all the time. However, it’s mostly a concern for parents with young children who are worried about the damage that might be done when their children bang on the keys of the piano. I find it very ...

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Barbara Lister Sink has integrated Alexander work with piano technique to address this very issue, as playing “too hard” is what leads to injuries, tendonitis. Playing well should feel good, and even on difficult pieces great pianists seem to move with lightness, grace and elegance.

Can piano damage hearing?

While not typical, playing the piano can in fact cause hearing loss. The hearing damage a pianist might suffer from revolves around many factors. Things that play a role are the size of the piano, the practice space the instrument is located in, length of time spent playing and your proximity to the instrument when listening to another playing.

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To protect a piano from damage when moving, you will need several people to help you, whether friends or hired help. You will also need tools such as a dolly, straps, and blankets to ensure the piano stays safe. When moving a piano, it is recommended that you hire professional movers to do the job.

Does not opening the lid of the grand piano while playing damage it?

No. Opening the lid helps focus the sound outward towards the audience, bring the sound louder when working with groups such as a choir, but open or closed makes no difference in any damage.

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The platform enables you to play the piano instantly on your computer keyboard, mobile, and tablet. This online tool helps you learn to play a variety of virtual music instruments, become an online pianist and create your own extraordinary music! is the original online piano platform, played by more than 19 million people a year. It is free to use by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Studies show that playing the piano improves mental health. People who play the piano tend to experience less anxiety and depression than their nonmusical counterparts. Playing for a few minutes a day can improve self-esteem, make you feel more positive, and can lower your blood pressure.

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There are really three different problems. The first is, can the floor hold the piano without collapsing? The answer is almost certainly yes. Consider that a grand piano weighs perhaps 800 pounds. It is also about 5 fee wide, and, depending on the piano about 6 to 8 feet long.

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Re: Piano damage during moving... «Reply #3 on: June 23, 2011, 10:29:18 PM ». Sometimes the hammers shift when a piano is moved and either miss a string or 2 and even nick the strings of the note next to it. If that's the case, the action screws are loose and need to be tightened. Could be the jack is escaping the hammer butt prematurely and ...

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They help prevent scratches and damage to any floor surfaces in your house and where you are moving your furniture. These are a great option to assist moving your piano over the hardwood floors. They usually have felt bottoms which provide a smooth and steady covering to separate the feet of the piano from the hardwood floors.

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The piano’s iron frame smashed when the 590kg instrument dropped as movers tried to lift it on to a trolley. The force of the break, compounded by the high tensions in the piano’s strings, was ...