Could a portable swamp cooler be be made to work better on high humidity days by using it concurrently with a room dehumidifier?

Carli Green asked a question: Could a portable swamp cooler be be made to work better on high humidity days by using it concurrently with a room dehumidifier?
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❓ Will swamp cooler work high humidity?

This cooling process has the potential to lower the temperature of the outdoor air by up to 30 degrees in low humidity, but in high humidity swamp cooling does not work as well. Humidity levels make a big difference in the efficiency of swamp coolers.

❓ How can a portable swamp cooler be used in high humidity days?

A small portable unit, for example, will not adequately cool a large-sized room… A swamp cooler can be plugged into a nearby outlet… If the humidity stays highfor several days, the moist pads that make the evaporative cooler ... panels to create the electricity used to run the blower and the water pump…

❓ Does a dehumidifier work with swamp cooler?

In short, you can use dehumidifier with swamp cooler to reduce humidity and improve cooling… If humidity is very high, then swamp cooler will not be able to function properly. Further increasing power of dehumidifier reduces humidity but generates more heat that will cancel the cooling effect of your swamp cooler.

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Yes, in theory, but impractical in execution. A swamp cooler normally pulls in outside air to treat, not inside air. If they are set up to recirculate inside air, they will over humidify the air, and cause sweating problems. A dehumidifier will be adding heat from the compressor into the space while it does its' job, while you then have three motors running (dehumidifier, pump, fan). For that running price, I think you could air condition your space. Those energy use calculations can be run, and you could determine it for sure. Find an engineering student to help you; it sounds like an interesting set of questions.

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How do i get my swamp cooler to work in high humidity?

When you are having a hot but muggy summer, you may want to pair the evaporative cooler with a dehumidifier. By doing so, you pull the moisture out of the air. Drier air will be blown out, which lowers the humidity in the room. That dry air can then pass over the media in the evaporative cooler more successfully.

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Which is better swamp cooler or portable air conditioner?

  • Unlike a portable air conditioner, swamp coolers don’t need an exhaust hose, and they can be used outdoors as a great companion to a patio heater for year-round climate control in an outdoor room or by the pool. Most evaporative coolers can easily be moved from room to room with no effort thanks to the ventless system.

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What humidity level for swamp cooler?

Do swamp coolers work in humid areas?

  • Swamp cooler doesn’t work in humid conditions, or so individuals let you know. Be that as it may, you can inspire them to work and impact chilly air notwithstanding when moistness is high inside.

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What is a portable swamp cooler?

  • A portable swamp cooler is a good alternative to a fan in areas that are arid or don't have high humidity. Box-like, set on wheels and powered by electricity, they contain a fan boxed in by moistened pads made of materials such as cellulose or cedar shavings.

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Does zen cooler work in high humidity?

  • Zen Cooler – Performance Once the cartridge has fully absorbed the water from the tank, ZenCooler can operate at maximum efficiency. The cooling effect depends on many factors, including ambient temperature and relative humidity. Evaporative coolers work best in hot, dry environments.

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Will dehumidifier make room cooler?

Although a dehumidifier does not produce cool air like your air conditioning system, it does draw moisture from the air. This, in return, can make your home feel several degrees cooler and significantly more comfortable.

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How much do swamp cooler raise humidity?

Swamp coolers work in humidity up to about 70 percent.

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How to reduce humidity in room while using cooler?

How can I reduce humidity in my air cooler?

  • The best way to prevent this from occurring is fairly simple. The only thing you need to do is open a window to allow dry air to come in and the moist air out. You can also open a door to create a cross-draft. This will help keep the air in the room dry enough to allow the unit to create cold air.

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Can i running a swamp cooler and dehumidifier?

  • But if you already have a swamp cooler installed and want to boost its cooling power, then you can run a dehumidifier , even in the same room as the swamp cooler. If you’re dealing with high outdoor humidity, you can run the combination with your doors and windows closed, which will allow the dehumidifier to operate with greater efficiency.

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How does a dehumidifier help a swamp cooler?

  • By the same principle, it can also give your swamp cooler a big boost in efficiency. For best results, place your dehumidifier near your evaporative cooler’s air intake grill. This will help make sure that the driest possible air flows across the cooling pads for excellent evaporation.

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What is the best portable swamp cooler?

  • The Hessaire MC18M is an excellent portable swamp cooler that can cool large areas outside your home, including garages and workshops. The best portable swamp coolers will add moisture to dry air, while cooling down a room. Evaporative coolers work best when lowering the temperature in dry, arid climates.

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Can an air cooler work in high humidity?

  • Air cooler can not perform in high humidity condition. Humidity is high in coastal region. Find out Dry and wet bulb temperatures of the place over a day. If there is good difference between them( say 7C or more), air cooler will work.

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Will an evaporative cooler work in high humidity?

Do evaporative coolers work in high humidity? To say that air coolers do not work in high humidity would be unfair, and literally an act of watering down their effect. However, in high humidity, the effect of the evaporative coolers especially is somewhat reduced.

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Does nest work with swamp cooler?

Yes, it is easy to control a swamp cooler with any thermostat… I don't think you want to connect to the C terminal on the nest because your heating system is already providing the C to power the thermostat.

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How much does a swamp cooler increase humidity?

The result, according to manufacturers, is cooler air with a RH between 50 and 70%, depending on the climate, compared to a traditional system that produces about 70–80% relative humidity in the conditioned air.

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Does a dehumidifier make room cooler?

Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture in the air by drawing it in from the outside and cooling it. While they remove humidity, neither type of dehumidifier won't noticeably affect the temperature of a room… However, removing humidity may make the room feel cooler.

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Where to place a dehumidifier in a swamp cooler?

  • The best placement of dehumidifier is behind the swamp cooler in direction of swamp cooler inlet vents. This will allow the driest air in the room to move through wet cooler pads. As I discussed earlier, the drier the air the better as it will allow more evaporation and eventually more cooling. Wrapping Up…

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How much does a portable swamp cooler cost?

  • Portable swamp coolers can be found for as low as $100 and go as high as $1,500 or more in some cases. Mounted swamp coolers, meanwhile, can cost around $500 to $1,500, while window swamp coolers vary from around $300 to $1,000.

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Where can i use a portable swamp cooler?

  • Portable swamp coolers are highly recommended to be used in such U.S. areas as Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado and Tucson, Arizona, as well as Albuquerque, New Mexico and Fresno, California.

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How does an evaporative cooler work in high humidity?

  • At the same time, that cooling mechanism is dynamic. Water is actively leaving a tank, being converted into a fine vapour, and that evaporated mist is entering the humid air. So it's a question of quantity, of how much overhead the high humidity locale will accept. This is where things become tricky.

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Does a humidifier work with swamp cooler?

Unlike evaporative coolers, humidifiers work with the air inside your home, so there is no need to open windows, but like swamp coolers, humidifiers help purify your air, as well as add moisture to your indoor environment.

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Can a dehumidifier make a room cooler?

Dehumidifiers can cool a room because it greatly reduces humidity which is the main cause of discomfort in a room. Humidity is that heavy muggy feeling you feel due to excess water vapor in the air. Dehumidifiers can air conditioners because all the air that is left will be dry and left to cool.

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Is mastercool better than swamp cooler?

Mastercool or Aerocool evaporative coolers can typically provide greater cooling ability than your standard swamp cooler. The difference between standard and Mastercool coolers are based on the following features: TLC's professional technicians are qualified to install all types of air conditioners.

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Do swamp cooler anodes work?

  • A swamp cooler anode rod works just like an anode rod in a hot water heater tank; by attracting corrosive minerals in the water, the "sacrificial" rod corrodes instead of the metal cooler pan. Anode rods also help inhibit the growth of bacteria, algae, and mold, which cause a musty or fishy smell in coolers.

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