How can i condense itune files from one computer onto a jump drive and then put then onto another computer?

Rafael Kreiger asked a question: How can i condense itune files from one computer onto a jump drive and then put then onto another computer?
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❓ How do you copy files from one drive to another drive?

Using the xcopy command. Using the xcopy command, you can copy the all the files from one drive to another drive. Example: xcopy /h /c /k /e /r /y c:\ d:\. The above command copies all of the files on the C:\ drive to the D:\ drive. There are many options specified here (the letters with a slash before them).

❓ How can i access files from another computer?

3How to file share between computers? Turn on Public Folder Sharing and click Apply. Click the word Off in the Public Folder Sharing area, and the settings menu drops down, as shown here. To share your files, choose Turn On Sharing So Anyone with Network Access Can Open, Change, and Create Files.

❓ How do you get a movie onto itune onto a ipod?

iPod can only play mp4 videos. If your videos are the right videos, you can transfer them to iPod directly with iTunes. If your videos are not the right formats, you need to convert them to iPod MP4 formats with a converter.

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though an External HardDrive with usb interface

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How do you transfer files from a computer to a usb drive?

Just connect the device on the USB port and right click on the file to be sent and select the usb location.

How do you fix one bathroom sink from backing up onto another bathroom sink then slowly drains out?

Unclog drain that both sinks drain into.

How do you transfer ipod music and files from one computer to another?

iTunes had an update a while back where now you can share your music from computers in the same home. you just have to activate homesharing...I'm not entirely sure how it works after that but I'm sure if you look into the home sharing it would tell you.

Can dogs' fleas jump onto human heads?

Fleas from a dog can jump onto any part of a person that is close enough for the flea to make the jump, so yes they could jump onto your head where they will find a home in your hair. You will then have a flea infestation in your hair. It is very easy for this to happen. If this happens there are special powders or shampoos to git rid of the fleas.

How do you get your email to transfer onto another computer?

u synce it

How do you transfer files from an xbox hard drive to another without losing data?

The easiest way to transfer files from an Xbox hard drove to another without losing data is to buy a hard drive transfer kit or transfer cable. It will connect the two hard drives and transfer the files directly. It is also possible to transfer the files by using a flash drive.

How do you transfer files from one computer with no modem to another computer with a modem?

There is no way to connect two computers using one modem. The best way to achieve this kind task is to connect the system by eathernet. If the transfer is a one off event, or it is a small amount of data then transferring them with a flash disk or CD may be a better option.

Where can you trade an itune gift card into another card?


How do you transfer data from one computer to another using a flash drive?

Insert the flash drive into the USB port on your computer. An Icon should appear in your System Tray. Open the icon or right click and click "explore." This should open up a browser that shows what is on the drive. To load the drive with a file, simply "drag" the file into the browser. Or you can open the file and click "Save As" and then find the flash drive in the save to location box and click "save." To transfer a file from the flash drive to another computer, follow the same steps as above. Open the browser for the drive and drag the file from the browser onto the desktop.

How can you copy from one flash drive to another flash drive?

Plug the first flash drive into a computer, copy the file into the computer, unplug the first flash drive, then plug the second into the computer, cut and paste the file from the computer to the second flash drive. The file is now on both flash drives.

How do i move all of my files onto my hard drive and leave windows on my ssd drive?

Use Cut and Paste on the files you want moved.

How do i delete unnecessary files from c drive?

Right-click your main hard drive (usually the C: drive) and select Properties. Click the Disk Cleanup button and you'll see a list of items that can be removed, including temporary files and more. For even more options, click Clean up system files. Tick the categories you want to remove, then click OK > Delete Files.

How do i download files from google drive backup?

Right-click the file, folder, or computer name you want to download. If you want to download the entire backup as a ZIP file, right-click the computer name. Otherwise, right-click the desired folder or file. Click Download.

How do you remove files from a hard drive?

Format it or delete it.

How can copy files from pendrive to computer?

When the pendrive is pushed into the USB port on the computer, it should show up as a drive, showing the files on the pendrive. You can now click on a file and drag it on to the computer. Hold down the Ctrl key before dragging if you want to copy the file over rather than remove the file entirely off the pendrive.

How do you delete temporary files from computer?

Use Disk Cleanup. If your using Windows 7 just click on start & search Disk Cleanup & click on the program Disk Cleanup. Your main drive should be (C:) Then click OK. I check all boxes then click OK. Then Click Delete Files, Done!

How do i transfer files from one iphone to another?
  • Then you need to choose the music you want to transfer from one iPhone to another iPhone. Click the Media section, then choose "Music" category, you will find all the music in the iPhone. You can find the music you want to transfer and select the check box before the music file.
How do you transfer files from one laptop to another?

The easiest thing would be to use a USB flash drive, or a compact disk. Just copy the files you want to transfer on to the disk to flash drive, insert the storage device into your other computer, and copy the files from the storage device on to your new computer.

How do you transfer photos from computer onto a disc?

Assuming your computer has a recordable CD or DVD drive in it... Insert a recordable CD or DVD into the drive. Format the disc, then simply drag & drop the pictures you want to copy from the pictures folder on the computer - onto the disc's directory.

How do you hike data from another computer?

Take a hike.

How do you put all your contacts from one phone onto another?

put your sim card into the new phone