How do you enter ectos cave on moshi monsters?




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❓ What shop in moshi monsters has the moshi bathroom?

There is no shop that sells the moshi bathroom

❓ How do you contact moshi monsters?

You can send an email to the Moshi Monsters Customer Service team. Their email address is [email protected]

❓ How do you mute moshi monsters?

You have to mute the volume on your computer.

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From the underground disco, you will find Ecto's Cave to the left.

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How do you stop moshi monsters membership?

To cancel membership when you are signed in to your account scroll to the bottom of the page, choose the My Account link, and from here you'll be able to cancel your membership.

How do you talk on moshi monsters?

You cannot talk on Moshi Monsters. But you can send your friends messages on their pin boards, which are found in the top left corner of their house. At your house, there is a note pad. You can add a message for all your friends to see! If you want to talk to a friend, click their name on the friend list, and add a message on their note pad. You can talk on the pin board but only with friends. Your monster talks automatically. You can also talk on the Forums.

How to sign in to moshi monsters?

All you have to do is press "sign in" in the top right corner. -Emma S.

In moshi monsters how do you talk?

Moshi master. Inside your house, your Moshi monster will speak if you click on him/her with your mouse. Also, when you go out somewhere in Monstro city (Moshi world) There can be people standing. nearby. For example the monsters having a picnic (Main Street) and the monster reading a.

Moshi monsters how to send a gift?

Only moshi members can send gifts on moshi monsters 1st go to your gift list only if your a member if someone sent you a gift press send a gift back got it

How do you tell your monsters favorite color on moshi monsters?

You have to go home, then, on top of the health and all of that you will see "view profile". Click that.

Where is mason cave enter?

But enter from Stage Left a certain Meredith Wilson. Wilson was a prolific song writer who based his 1957 Broadway play and subsequent 1962 film on his boyhood home of Mason City. When "The Music Man" became a resounding success it was felt that River City actually needed, well, a River. Lime Creek got renamed and promoted. So any photos that claim to show the brewery on Lime Creek could be either the one shown above or another slightly earlier brewery in town proper (Mason City Brewery ...

Can you use your gifts on moshi monsters?

Gifts are little animations which you can play. Once played, gifts will be put in your gift room. You can watch them again at anytime by clicking the gift room.

How do i delete my moshi monsters acount?

Moshi Monsters. Well its quite simple but ill take you through all the steps-Here we go Ok first type into your adress... How Do You Chat On Moshi Monsters? Moshi Monsters. You click on one of your friends go to there room click on that board press "add message" then write... How Do You Delete Your Moshi Monster From The Site? Moshi Monsters

How do you check email in moshi monsters?

You can not check email in Moshi Monsters. Moshi Monsters does not provide email as part of the game, just messages on the Pinboard. To check email for messages from Moshi Monsters, you need to use the email account you provided when you registered for Moshi Monsters. You may have to ask your parents/guardians to go to their email account to find the messages from moshi monsters.

How do you delete gifts on moshi monsters?

You cannot delete the gifts on Moshi Monsters but you can share the gifts with friends. You can also send gifts to friends.

How do you design gifts on moshi monsters?

You can not design items on Moshi Monsters but it would be good if you could. There are sometimes contests on the Daily Growl to design new items for Moshi Monsters. If you are asking about making ...

How do you earn gifts in moshi monsters?

You do not earn gifts. If you are a member you can send gifts, member or not you can receive gifts.

How do you get clothes on moshi monsters?

Go to Sludge Street and go to the The Marketplace. Click on The Marketplace and then click on any store to go shopping for clothes for your Moshi Monsters. You can go to any store, but will have the best luck at the store that is for your monster.

How do you get gifts on moshi monsters?

you have to go to the gift shop then go home and ul find ur gift inside ur gift box go to some one and click on his name and send it or if u have a gift its going to say send a gift back click send a gift back and send it BY THE WAY THIS IS MEMBER } please add me my name is taman45

How do you get moshi monsters completely free?

There is a Basic Membership for Moshi Monsters which is free, but you will not be able to do all the activities or catch all the Moshlings.To get the free Basic Membership, go to, click on the link at the top which says 'Membership'. There is a sentence at the top of the page that says: The basic version of Moshi Monsters is free (sign-up here). Click on the 'sign-up here' to get a free Basic Membership.

How do you get puddy on moshi monsters?

How to get Puddy First:Plant any 2 dragon Fruit and a Moon Orchid thats all

How do you get scama on moshi monsters?

black love berry black daisy black magic bean

How do you get yoyo on moshi monsters?

there is a mission that poppet can do and in the end u get yoyo itrs the only way

How do you load moshi monsters in gmail?

You can not load the Moshi Monsters game in Gmail. Gmail is an email program. If you are trying to load an email from Moshi Monsters in Gmail, you have to click on the "Display images below", or the "Always display images from..." link that is at the top of the email message. If that doesn't work, try clicking the crooked arrow symbol (Go back to Inbox), to go back to the Inbox, then try loading the message again.

How do you open gifts in moshi monsters?

How do you open gifts in Moshi Monsters? Wiki User. ∙ 2011-12-12 17:04:35. Best Answer. Copy. You can open gifts by clicking on the present icon on your room. Wiki User. 2011-12-12 17:04:35.

How do you secret 4 on moshi monsters?

Keep checking the Daily Growl for information on the new secret Moshlings. There's no information (yet!) about the Secret 4.

How do you send presents to moshi monsters?

Theres also a cheat to this game, when your playing the game theres an invite for your friends to adopt a pet too ( at bottom of the screen ) but all you need to do is send an email to your self...

How do you stop rock flowers moshi monsters?

Rox flowers will grow at random from any of the seeds you plant. You can't stop them from growing.

How long will the moshi monsters maintenance last?

Maintenance will last as long as Moshi Monsters need it to be able to manage the web site and make the necessary changes. They try not to make it last very long, but it will be worth the wait as they use maintenance time to add new things to the game as well as fix anything that may not be working correctly.