How do you fix bmx handlebars?

Richmond Swaniawski asked a question: How do you fix bmx handlebars?
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❓ How do you spell handlebars?

That is the correct spelling of the plural "handlebars" (a combined pair of control arms on a bicycle or similar vehicle).

❓ How sturdy are the handlebars?

Schwinn is a known brand name and it has not had any reported issues with the durability of the handlebars of it's exercise bicycle line.

❓ How are dropdown handlebars on a bicycle less favorable than regular straight handlebars?

i think they are easier to grip

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To fix BMX handlebars, you might need to bend the handlebars back to their correct position. You might also need to tighten the bolt that anchors the handlebars to the bike. Fixes will vary depending on what is wrong with the bike.

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On a cold day the steel handlebars on a bicycle feel colder than the rubber handlebar grips. why?

The solid metal handlebars are colder because metal is a better conductor of heat/cold than rubber. Its like putting your hand in a 400 degree oven. your hand can stand the air because it is a poor conductor of heat. but you are burned if you touch the metal.