How do you get to turtle rock link to the past?

Myrl Osinski asked a question: How do you get to turtle rock link to the past?
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❓ How do you get to turtle rock link& 39?

  • Go north from the Smasher mini-boss fight. The switch to unlock the door is under the pot. Talk to the Owl Statue who says to “ Fill all the holes ...
  • Go back south and then west. Use the paver planchette to fill in the gap.
  • Pick up your Small Key.
  • Before you leave, bomb the wall along the north side of the room. Go through and hit the crystal once to turn it orange.

❓ How do you get to turtle rock link s awakening?

Find the Turtle Rock entrance Path to the Turtle Rock entrance. Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon. From Li’l Devil, continue west. Drop down to the south, and in this area:.

❓ How to get to level 8 turtle rock?

  • Welcome to Level 8 - Turtle Rock. To start this dungeon, head up into the next room. Here you'll find a new enemy called a Vire. Stun it with your boomerang and then use your sword to defeat it. Go left through the door that opens up. In the next room, defeat all the enemies and head up through the door. In this next room, you'll find a Blue Hinox.

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In order to gain access to Turtle Rock, you will need to have the Quake Medallion. The Quake Medallion can be found at the Lake of Ill Omen, which is the Dark World counterpart of Zora’s Waterfall. Return to Death Mountain and make your way up to the Tower of Hera. From there head eastward to get to the far northeast corner of the map. On ...

PLEASE TURN ON VIDEO ANNOTATIONS!Many things in this walkthrough are explained in notes on the video and also in the description below. Please read these bef...

There's a laser eye over the door, and when you look at it, the door closes and the eye shoots lasers. To avoid this, power up your sword and don't let go. This'll let Link walk backwards, through...

To do that, you’ll need to get out of the Swamp of Evil. But given that there’s no natural way in or out of it, you’ll have to do it via the Light World. Use the Magic Mirror at your convenience to warp to the Desert of Mystery. From there, you should travel by Flute to Point #7.

Use your Mirror Shield to block the fire. Exit the cave, and lift the stone on the right to find the Western Tal Tal Heights warp pad. Go all the way west to the Turtle Rock (that looks like a...

Place Ice Blocks on the lava to create a pathway and head up a screen. Straight, Link will see a see-saw platform. Step onto it from the left and then use the ice rod on the center of the platform, freezing it in place. This will allow you to climb up to the right side.

Players that are trying to get to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 's Turtle Rock should begin by teleporting to the warp at Dampe's Shack, which is found near the top of the map. From there,...

Now go north through the opening you created. If the Crystal Switch is red, hit it with the Boomerang to get past the first set of orange blocks to an area with a spiked roll going east and west....

Head to the right and you'll see another direction block you can push. Use it to make a small bridge connecting you to the path to the left. Head left and open the chest to get the Map. Near the blocks you pushed to get to the chest, you'll see a cracked wall.

How do you get on top of Turtle Rock?, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Questions and answers, Gameboy Advance

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