How do you stop a dog from sratching?

Carolanne Smitham asked a question: How do you stop a dog from sratching?
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Address the reason why he is scratching to begin with because there is a reason. Have your vet take a look, he could have a skin condition or allergies etc.

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THE ANTI-LICK STRIP!!! I have an adoreable dachsund/shih tzu mix and he used to have a real problem with licking. I learned that when a dog is licking you and you want them to stop, take a step back, just out of reach of the dog, saying firmly (never meanly) a word that you will say when you want them to stop like, "That's enough", or "No more". Then step back to your dog. If the dog continues, repeat. After so long, if the dog does not stop after a good amount of repititions (it will also depend on how long you can stay patient), leave the situation. The dog will learn that when it licks you, you say a word, it needs to stop. The dog will learn you will not tolerate disobediance.

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