How do you store photos in a database using visual basic?

Jackie Purdy asked a question: How do you store photos in a database using visual basic?
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You can connect visual basic to an xampp as its database by accessing the main control panel of the system and rerouting the entire flow to accomodate a usb connection.

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Here's how: In the WhatIsYourName project, enter the following Visual Basic code immediately after the opening bracket that follows... Use the green Start button, or press F5 to build and run your first app. When the console window opens, enter your name. Your console window should look similar to ...

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This is the code that I am using: Question, How do I send the search info from the textboxt to the Mysql command? 'Lista de Stores Private Sub Button26_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button26.Click

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You cannot store images inside a database, you can store information about where the image is kept in a database. -Peter

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' Disable the timer tmrMyTimer.Enabled = False ' in milliseconds, you can remove this line if you do not want to change the ' internval from the original setting tmrMyTimer.Interval = NewInterval ' Enable the timer again tmrMyTimer.Enabled = True - how to implement class constructor in visual basic?

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  1. If x = 10 Then. Console.WriteLine("x value equals to 10")
  2. ElseIf x > 10 Then. Console.WriteLine("x value greater than 10")
  3. Else. Console.WriteLine("x value less than 10")
  4. End If.
  5. End Sub. End Module.
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you dont

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