How old was andy griggs brother when he died?

Johathan Bayer asked a question: How old was andy griggs brother when he died?
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  • His brother Mason, his only sibling took the baton of music and ran with it. Throughout their teenage years, Mason was Andy’s hero. Mason died at the early age of 21 from heart complications that he had had since birth. Andy grabbed that same baton and he quotes, “when I jumped into the pool of music, I jumped into the deep end and never came out.”


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His older brother Mason took the baton of music and ran with it. Throughout their teenage years, Mason was Andy's hero. Mason died at the young age of 21 from heart complications that he had suffered with since birth. Andy grabbed that same baton and ran with it.

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ABOUT. Andy Griggs often says his influences in music are like a pot of gumbo. Growing up in Monroe, LA, he was raised on Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggert, Waylon, Bill Monroe, hardcore blues, and hardcore rock’n roll, sprinkled with a touch of jazz. He often says, “there is no defining a style of song. As long as there’s soul, it has a ...

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His father, Darrell, died when Griggs was 10, and brother Mason served as the family's father figure until he died of a heart attack at age 22. Andy Griggs attended River Oaks High School.

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