How to get hdd to read in pc and ps3?

Ima Beahan asked a question: How to get hdd to read in pc and ps3?
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Tablature is simple to read as long as you realize its upside down. on tablature each line represents a string the top string is the bottom line and the bottom string is the top line. the numbers on tablature represent frets if the number is 5 its the five fret if the number is 0 is open,or no fingers on the fret hope this helps!

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As for backing you your data, Aldo's PS3 Tool's collection has a PS3 HDD Reading Utility but is read only and you need your EID_root_key (ERK)to be able to do it but you copy your data of your PS3 HDD and safely store it on our PC or transfer it to another HDD in case you want to copy it back either via and External HDD or by FTP.

Plug the two cables from inside of the hard drive bay into the appropriate connections on the back of the PS3’s HDD. Slide the tray back into the hard-drive bay. Reattach the screw. Place the side or back panel back onto the PC. Reattach the screws and PC cables.

How do i get my PS3 HDD to read on my PC? So i was preparing to get back to OFW on my ps3 so i can get CFW on it (i was using PS3HEN) but i forgot to uninstall WebMAN and mmCM so i got stuck in an update loop, so i tried accessing the PS3 HDD on my PC but can't without formatting it, which i don't want to do.

Which means you need a Linux operating system on your PC plus dumping two ATA encryption keys from PS3 (requires OtherOS) to be able to mount the drive. FTP transfer will only be fast if you connect it directly to PC with Gigabit connection (PC must support Gigabit ethernet speed + Cat6 cable).

Then find Disk Management and then you will find your hard drive here. By changing the drive letter, you will get it to list in My Computer. Right-click on your ps3 hard drive and choose "Change drive letter and path" to change the drive letter. Step 3: Run the software.

No PC can read a PS3 HDD without formating it to fat 32 or NTFS. Run the program and select the USB ps3HDD and do quick format, jobs a good one

There were also a number of PC programs that developers used to manipulate files contained on the PS3 HDD including: PS3 HDD Toolbox by @ifcaro - Download: PS3 HDD Toolbox 0.94.rar / PS3 HDD Toolbox 0.95.rar; PS3 HDD Studio v2.08 by @NDT - Download: PS3HDDS208.rar; PS3 HDD Utility v1.00 by nullptr - Download: PS3 HDD Utility v1.00.rar

If not, click OK to move on. Step3. Here you can see that the Seagate external hard drive has already changed from NTFS to FAT32. Click Apply to submit the operations. That, you can unplug the Seagate external hard drive and add it to your PS3. It should work out.

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