How to make mason jar straw cup?

Rocky Stark asked a question: How to make mason jar straw cup?
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DIY Mason Jar Cup

  • Gather Supplies
  • Create the Lid. First, find a drill bit that is a little larger than the straw you have chosen…
  • Decorating. This step is optional but I like to add my own personality to the cup…
  • Finishings Touches. After the spray paint has dryed spray the enamel on anything that has paint…
  • Final Result…


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❓ How to make mason jar straw cups?

Supplies needed to make DIY Mason Jar Travel Cups: Mason Jars – I used Wide Mouth Ball Jars 1.5 Pint si ze A drill Rubber Grommets Wooden shims or small piece of scrap wood

❓ How to make mason jar with straw?

Flip your lid back over and screw it onto the jar. Stick in some cute straws, and there you have it. Easy as pie. I’ve never really understood that phrase. Pie isn’t that easy. You can also cut out fabric to stick on the top. You will never have ugly mason jars again.

❓ Mason jar with straw?

Product Title Glass Mason Jar 4 Pc Set 15.5 Oz w/Straw With Handle ... Average rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars, based on 20 reviews 20 ratings Current Price $22.21 $ 22 . 21

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On Amazon, these pre-made lids and straws sell for $6.21 for a pack of two, plus shipping. Not a bad price, but let’s break down the cost of a DIY mason jar cup with straw: One mason jar lid + ring: $0.45 IF you buy them new, but I recommend repurposing a used ones. One rubber grommet: $0.52 at Lowes. One paper straw (the paper ones are cute ...

First, find a drill bit that is a little larger than the straw you have chosen. Second, take a sharpie and mark on your Mason Jar Lid where you want the straw to go. I prefer the middle but you can offset the straw hole for a unique look. Third, drill a hole where you have marked with the sharpie.

DIY Mason Jar Straw Cups. So when I told the hubby I was going to make these, he asked if we had run out of real cups. You know things made from mason jars are always cute. Remember the diy mason jar canisters and the diy mason jar toothbrush holder projects.

Welcome to our second mason jar DIY series! Let's kick off summer with a bang, or a DIY ;)Materials:1 - medium-large mason jar1 - 3/8 rubber grommet1 - straw...

rubber grommet — 5/8-inch outer dimension and 3/8-inch inner dimension (mine came from Lowe's) mason jar — pint; pint-and-half; or quart. stainless steel straw or glass straw. 1. With the drill, drill a hole in the center of a jar lid. (Make sure to anchor the lid in place with some nails around the outside edge before you drill, as shown ...

How to Make DIY Mason Travel Jar Cups: Start by drilling a hole in the lid of the jar in the place where you want the straw to go. Some people like it to the side and some prefer it in the middle of the lid.

Place the canning lid and rubber ring on the jar and screw down the metal band. This is just to hold everything in place so you won’t have to ask your husband to help. I used the largest bit I have to make a hole for the straw (5/16″). Then I used the smallest bit to make a hole to vent air (1/16″).

So, we set about making a spill-proof lid mason jar lid! We started by visiting Menards and going into the electrical section for the grommets. They were $.99 for the bag. Then, hubby got out his 1/2″ drill bit, and made a nice hole in the top of a mason jar lid for me, and filed down the area a bit. He inserted the rubber grommet into the hole.

Mason Jars cups are reusable and great for kids and adults! Reuseable mason jar cups are perfect for enjoying a fresh cup of lemonade on a hot summer day!! There’s two methods included, both metal lid and plastic lid cups. Materials: Mason Jars – {kids} Ball® half pint (8 oz.) and {adults} Kerr 1 Pint (16-oz.), Regular Mouth

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Not a bad price, but let’s break down the cost of a DIY mason jar cup with straw: One mason jar lid + ring: $0.45 IF you buy them new, but I recommend repurposing a used ones. One rubber grommet: $0.52 at Lowes. One paper straw (the paper ones are cute, but you could also use a reusable glass or stainless steel straw, or just a regular ...

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