Javascript - how to make an ajax call without jquery?

Bennett Mraz asked a question: Javascript - how to make an ajax call without jquery?
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❓ How to make an ajax call without jquery?

@PavelPerna, since the example here is a GET, so you can just add them to the request, but to be more general, I'm with you, I really thought of updating the answer to accept request parameters as a parameter to the function here, & also to pass the method (GET or POST), but what stopped me is that I want to keep the answer here as simple as possible for folks to try it as quick as possible.

❓ Javascript - how to manually trigger validation with jquery validate?

Or one can simply use: $ ('#myElem').valid () if ($ ('#myElem').valid ()) { // will also trigger unobtrusive validation only for this element if in place // add your extra logic here to execute only when element is valid } Note that validate () needs to be called on the form before checking it using this method.

❓ Jquery - how do i create a link using javascript?

Dynamically create a hyperlink with raw JavaScript: var anchorElem = document.createElement('a'); anchorElem.setAttribute("href", yourLink); anchorElem.innerHTML = yourLinkText; document.body.appendChild(anchorElem); // append your new link to the body

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w3schools have a nice step by step introduction into ajax without jquery: – eli Sep 29 '17 at 11:31 You can also use EHTML: Use e-json element for fetching json and mapping it to the html element – Guseyn Ismayylov Nov 20 '19 at 11:22

We can wrap this code inside an Ajax object and make use of all these calls. var Ajax = { xhr : null, request : function (url,method, data,success,failure){ if (!this.xhr){ this.xhr = window.ActiveX ? new ActiveXObject

var my_ajax_call=ajaxCall({ url: url, type: method, data: {data:value}, dataType: 'json', async:false,//synchronous request. Default value is true timeout:10000,//default timeout 20000 progress:function(loadTime

Using the above method won’t allow you to move your javascript into its own file. However, you can attach the @Url.Action to an element with a data attribute and access it that way.

. Then in your JavaScript you can use: var ctrlUrl = document.getElementById('myForm').

w3schools have a nice step by step introduction into ajax without jquery: You can also use EHTML: Use e-json element for fetching json and mapping it to the html

I am writing some QUnit tests for a JavaScript that makes AJAX calls. For isolation I overwrite $.ajax to write the parameter array of an AJAX call to a variable. This works to test how methods us...

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In this, beginner oriented, post I'll show you how to make AJAX calls in pure JavaScript, step by step with few examples. So, what is AJAX? AJAX stands for: Asynchronous - means that if you start some request (call some API

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