Service disconnects are not allowed in bathroom?

Graciela Lockman asked a question: Service disconnects are not allowed in bathroom?
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Where any of these four requirements are satisfied, the service disconnecting means would be required to be installed where the service conductors emerge into the building. This would permit the service disconnecting means to be located on the roof of the building or somewhere in the interior of the building. It is always best to limit the distance that service conductors can travel within a building or structure, thus limiting potential danger to the building and occupants.

LOL. Are you saying that it was NOT a safety hazard before somebody added it to a code book? It was “safe” before 1993 to put a service panel in a bathroom…but became “unsafe” in 1993? It is safe…or it is not. Unsafe things should be called out no matter what date they were entered into a code book.

Multiple disconnects. You can have no more than six service disconnects for each service permitted by 230.2. This rule also applies to each set of service-entrance conductors permitted by 230.40, Exception No. 1, 3, 4, or 5 [230.71]. The rule is six disconnecting means for each service, not six service disconnecting means per building.

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A remote-control device with a shunt-trip push button used to open the service disconnecting means is not considered a service disconnecting means. See 230.70(A)(3) and 230.76. 230.72 Grouping of Disconnects (A) Two to Six Disconnects. The disconnecting means for each service must be grouped.

IRC Codes Home Electrical Service 1.A minimum of 100 Amp 3-wire service for a single-family dwelling unit. NEC 230.79 2.Only one service per dwelling, except for multiple occupancy buildings. NEC 230.2 3.Service disconnecting means shall be located at the point of entrance of the service conductors. 2003 IRC E3501.6.2 Electrical Disconnects 1.Exterior air units must have a disconnect within sight.

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Having a service panel in a bathroom is not allowed. NEC. 240.24 Location in or on Premises. (E) Not Located in Bathrooms. In dwelling units, dormitories, and guest rooms or guest suites, overcurrent devices, other than supplementary overcurrent protection, shall not be located in bathrooms.

The 'service' is the point where the power company (following NESC rules) makes the connection to the customer (following NEC rules). As I see it, the system that you are describing consists of feeders and disconnects, not service conductors and services. The key consideration is 'where does the neutral get bonded to ground'.

Discussion Starter · #7 · Oct 18, 2011. wcord said: There is nothing illegal about building cabinets etc around a panel, as long as there is the meter in-front of the panel. Yes it is a PITA, but you learn how to work on them. As to being recessed, as long as there is vapour barrier and insulation behind the panel, that too is legal.

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