So how do i use battlelog app as minimap?

Rubie Lockman asked a question: So how do i use battlelog app as minimap?
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If you have an android phone, root it and flash paranoid android as your ROM. Go into the DPI settings and change it to Tablet UI. This will allow you to install 'tablet only' apps. When your done playing, go ahead and change it back to your 'phone ui' and vice versa when your ready to play.

If it is available, that is what you use to access the additional features in games. All you have to do is open it and connect to your Xbox One. The two devices must be on the same network. One your device is connected to the One, there is a button to press on the bottom of the screen. It's pretty self explanatory at that point.

With the new battle log giving us the option to view on phone, tablet, or second monitor, how are you going to view it? Personally I'm debating …

Battlelog is a free social platform that ties into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 and lets you socialize, track stats, plan your next game, and more from your web browser!

I remember having installed Battlelog app on old phone and old tablet, in the mean time I changed them and Battlelog app was removed/replaced with Battlefield Companion. Is old Battlelog still available as Android .apk? Haven't used that app for YEARS. I am still missing both old Battlelog app a...

I installed the battlelog and commander and smart glas, Load smart glass make sure you have you game loading or all ready playing, Select BF4 on smart glass then companion. Shoul load up the if not keep trying. Boards. Battlefield 4. Anybody know how to get the battlescreen map to work on ur tablet. Topic Archived.

The clip showed examples of how your mobile and tablet can be used to play Commander mode, tweak loadouts, queue servers and more. The studio has now confirmed you can use your browser as a second ...

ive been using Prem 1.0 for over a year never banned it was by far the best cheat this site had to offer the aimbot was so smooth the skeleton wallhacks were the best the built in spoofer was great i used it to run cheats on different games the recoil control was by far the best ive ever used the aim down sight made a huge difference even at the (lowest non obvious) point the screenshot ...

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