What is hydraulic oil cooler?

Sheldon Herzog asked a question: What is hydraulic oil cooler?
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  • An hydraulic oil cooler is a device designed to prevent oil used in hydraulic systems from overheating. This is a critical function in hydraulic systems, as overheating of the oil can lead to a drop in system efficiency and excessive wear of the system components in general due to reduced oil viscosity.


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❓ Can a hydraulic oil cooler be repaired?

Oil Coolers

If you are in need of an oil cooler to cool off your engine oil, hydraulic fluid or automatic transmission fluid, then Ellet Radiator is your number one source. We can repair or custom build a new unit.

❓ How to size a hydraulic oil cooler?

Why do hydraulic systems need an oil cooler?

  • What this tells us is, every hydraulic system with a high, continuous power input (and therefore output power) requires an oil cooler to keep oil temperature stable and within acceptable limits. So starting from the beginning, when sizing an oil cooler, the first thing to consider is the continuous input power of the system.

❓ How do you size a hydraulic oil cooler?

  1. The amount of heat that needs to be removed from the system.
  2. The desired oil temperature.
  3. The supplied water temperature and ambient air temperature.
  4. The exact flow required.
  5. The desired oil to water flow ratio.
  6. The viscosity of the oil.

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  • Bleeding the system: You'll need to change the oil in the hydraulic jack periodically…
  • Check the oil: Check the oil level, but only add more when the rod doesn't move easily.
How can i improve my hydraulic system?
  1. Reservoir. The best time to check a reservoir is when the plant or hydraulic equipment is down…
  2. System cleaning and flushing…
  3. Reservoir heater setting…
  4. Oil-level switches…
  5. Breather cap…
  6. High-temperature switch…
  7. Heat exchanger flushing and cleaning…
  8. Pump testing.
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Stationary equipment should be inspected about every three months. In the case of mobile equipment, hose inspections should take place every three months or every 400 to 600 hours of use, whichever occurs first. There are, however, other factors that may come into play.

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  • As mentioned, the most simple and reliable way to prevent a hydraulic oil fire is to replace mineral oil with non-combustible fluid. The risk of oil fire can be eliminated by using electric or pneumatic drives instead of hydraulic drives. Some fire risks are related to also such technologies, but not risks of fierce and uncontrolled fires.
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  • SBR features excellent resistance to brake fluids, and good water resistance. Millable polyurethane exhibits excellent abrasion resistance and tensile strength as compared to other elastomers providing superior performance in hydraulic applications with high pressures, abrasive contamination and shock loads.
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