What would you do if you found a treasure in the world?

Linnea Schimmel asked a question: What would you do if you found a treasure in the world?
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Treasures found in unexpected places


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❓ What would you do if you found a treasure found?

While summertime tends to bring treasure hunting hobbyists outdoors, finding treasure or valuable property is not always as simple as “finders keepers.”.

❓ What kind of treasure would kobolds have found?

A kobold inventor. The greatest art for kobolds was trapmaking. The use of invention and cunning in traps was the mark of a good trapmaker. The other art form was the pictorial representation of the tribe's history, created on the walls of a specially created room in every lair.

❓ What would you do if you found a treasure?

If you're unsure if a find is treasure trove, you can contact the Treasure Trove Unit for advice. If you find human remains or skeletons you must report these to the police as these are covered by different laws.

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What happens in the real world if you find a buried treasure?

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Honestly? I would record every bit of information surrounding the find. Then I would turn it over to a nearby college or if not possible then the FIB. After that I would contact the local news agency with every scrap of record I had made. There's ...

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What is the largest treasure not found in the world?

It was not present in the inventory taken during the destruction of the crown jewels by Oliver Cromwell in 1649, and remains unaccounted for. La Noche Triste treasure: Partially Confirmed 1520 — Large amount of gold looted from the palace of Moctezuma II. Occurred during the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire. Lost Inca gold: Partially Confirmed

What is the most treasure ever found in the world?

Discovered in 1978 at Tillya Tepe, the Bactrian Gold is perhaps one of the most valuable treasures ever found in history. Dating back to the 1st century BCE, it contains over 20,000 gold ornaments. Dating back to the 1st century BCE, it contains over 20,000 gold ornaments.

Has anyone found nazi treasure in the world?

Long-lost Nazi artifacts have been found in some unusual places in recent years. A bust of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, along with a Nazi flag and several other documents and items from World War II,...

How many gilgamesh treasure found around the world?

Lost Treasure In Gilgamesh, ... The first great masterpiece of world literature, The Epic of Gilgamesh, ... which reached final form around 1200 B.C. In it, Gilgamesh defeats a forest demon, ...

How much treasure in the world is found?

Found: 1840 Value: Approximately $3.2 million While repairing the embankment of the River Ribble in Cuerdale, near Preston in England, a group of workmen dug up a lead box.

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We found a real buried treasure chest! most epic… Was rommel's treasure ever found in the world?

Indeed, one guy claimed to have found it. Former soldier Rogelio Roxas not only said that he found at least part of the treasure in 1971, including a golden Buddha statue that weighed a metric ton, but that agents of Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos robbed him of it, kidnaping and torturing him in the process.

How much would the gold found in national treasure?

Global Gold Reserves as of January 2017 According to the World Gold Council, there are 33,248.5 tonnes of Gold in the world, in national reserves. Approximately 54.5% of these are held in (although not necessarily by) European countries. This number is not the same as “all the gold mined in the world”.

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Top 10 lost treasures in the world How would forrest fenn get to the treasure found?

This is the story of how I found where Forrest Fenn hid his treasure!This story highlights The Thrill of the Chase!GPS coordinates to the BLAZE - 35°47'37.7"...

A new found treasure or a newly found treasure found?

Lost Treasures News… 2021 — Underwater archaeologists have been studying 9,000-year-old stone tool artifacts discovered in Lake Huron that originated from an obsidian quarry more than 2,000 ...

Who owns found treasure found?

As teenagers, the boys sued to get the treasure back. Not only did the resulting ruling reject the idea that landowners automatically own any valuables discovered on their property, it established an important and frequently cited legal precedent in American property law: Finders of abandoned valuables may claim right of possession.

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10 lost treasures that are still waiting to be found What treasure would a yeti have d in the world?

Just checked the wiki, but it doesn't say anything about the time when will it run away.But it's one of his specialties, so you have to kill him ASAP. Quote from there: Zombie Yeti A rare and curious creature. Toughness: high Special

Deleted world found in dream drop distance - treasure planet?

Home > The WORLD > There are other regions in the world where the collective consciousness of the masses has become far removed from their spiritual identity. This has caused an imbalance in the energies of those regions. The state of the world reflects the consciousness of humanity, which is overshadowed by fear.

Has expedition unknown found any treasure in the world?

The Buzzard is believed to have hidden his treasure on the Seychelles island of Mahé. This is not a confirmed fact. The mystery of this treasure unclaimed now has Josh Gates in hot pursuit for the...

Has josh gates found any treasure in the world?

The nephew of senior Nazi SS officer Ernst Kaltenbrunner has come forward with information about a hoard of Nazi treasure buried in Lake Toplitz, confirming suspicions held by investigators for...

Have you ever found a treasure in the world?

The Antikythera wreck. This ancient site off the Greek island Antikythera may have been found back in 1900, but researchers are still unearthing new treasures there.

Where was priam's treasure found after world war 2?

Local authorities in Poland's south-western district of Walbrzych said they have been contacted by a law firm representing a Pole and a German who said they had located the missing train. The pair were seeking to cash in on their find, attempting to claim 10 per cent of the value of the findings.

Where was world's oldest treasure found in the world?

The world’s oldest gold processed by humans, the world’s oldest gold treasure, and the world’s oldest gold artifacts have been discovered in Bulgaria. They date back to the period between 4,500 BC and 4,000 BC, i.e. the second half of the 5 th millennium BC (so they are between 6,500 and 6,000 years old).

What would you do if you found a treasure in your house?

2Under the Common Law you only have to return it to its orginal owners, if you can find them. If you can not find them, anything you found was yours. Most states, and I think it is every state, has ruled that you must turn such found property to the Police, who are permitted to keep it unless the orginal owner shows up and demands it back.

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The lost gold of wwii: treasure discovered 300 feet… What found shipwreck had most valuable treasure found?

Every shipwreck treasure has a vast history behind it, so are the ships. Many of the most valuable shipwrecks treasures are yet to be found and recovered. Treasure hunting has become something interesting and has gotten many

Where was the oldest treasure in the world found in the world?

Varna Burial: Grave 43. In 1972, while digging a trench for electrical wires, Rycho Marinov unintentionally discovered what is considered the oldest gold treasure known in the world today. It is nicknamed the Varna Gold after the site where it was unearthed. The Varna Necropolis, a gravesite in Varna, Bulgaria, is an ancient burial ground dating ...

5 real-world treasure hunts: would you go?

Geocaching – A Real World Treasure Hunt. If you have small children who love treasure hunts, you like to go do fun things with them that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and you’re never heard of geocaching, you are in for a major treat. Actually, my husband and I enjoyed this before our little bean came along, so really the kids arent ...

What are treasure spheres found?

Treasure is exchanged for players to earn costumes, characters, graffiti, and other customization options. There are four types of treasures: Memory Spheres , which can be bought with Clues ; Essences, which can be bought with Inspirations ; Season Essences (With 1 Limited S Skin and 2 A Skins each)

What did kaori treasure found?

In total, they found 39 separate trees, spanning 1451 years around 12,000 years ago, and covering almost the entire Younger Dryas. Alan Hogg then carbon-dated decadal tree-ring sequences over the entire 1451 years and discovered that the start of the Northland kauri data set overlapped for 500 years with the beginning of the accurate part of the northern hemisphere calibration curve.

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10 sunken treasures waiting to be found