When is my wine fermentation finished?




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❓ How do i know when a wine fermentation is done?

Visual Clues of Wine Fermentation The first and most obvious thing you can do to tell if your wine fermentation is still in progress is to look at it. If it’s fermenting, you will see small bubbles rising from the bottom to the top, much like a carbonated drink in a clear glass.

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If you take successive readings days or weeks apart and they all show the same value, then your wine fermentation is finished. Whether or not you choose to bottle, or simply age in the carboy is up to you. I generally leave mine for a month or two in the carboy, or until I’m 100% certain it’s as clear as it will ever be.

The fermentation is considered done when you either reach your desired sugar level or go "dry" at 0° Brix. A wine with 0.2% residual sugar contains two grams of sugar in a liter of wine. Dry wines are typically in the 0.2%-0.3% range, off-dry wines in the 1.0%-5.0% range, and sweet dessert wines are normally 5.0%-10%.

If the wine gets all the way to the point of bottling, and the fermentation has not finished, one of two things can potentially happen: either the wine corks will begin to pop out of the wine bottles; or worse yet, if the corks are very snug, you could have bottles exploding.

By taking an initial reading and then taking more readings on a regular basis throughout the fermentation, you will be able to see if the Specific Gravity is moving and this will tell you if your wine is fermenting or not. In the instructions you are told that your wine is finished when the SG has reached .996 – .990.

If it has been at .997 or lower and stays there then it is probably done. Your winestore was trying to sell you a fining agent not something to stop fermentation. If you want to make sure it stopped add sulfite and potassium sorbate and wait for it to clear up again and bottle.

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