Why when a rubber ball is thrown on to a hard floor it bounces back up?

Sabryna Beier asked a question: Why when a rubber ball is thrown on to a hard floor it bounces back up?
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❓ What bounces better hard or soft rubber band ball?

you want a soft rubber band ball with strechy rubber bands,but you also want to be carefull that you dont make it to big and to small

❓ What ball bounces higher a basketball or rubber ball?


❓ What ball bounces hirgher leather or rubber?

rubber bounces farther

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The rubber ball bounces back up due to its elasticity. Greater the force of through of ball on the floor, more high up the ball will bounce. It follows the rule of motion and inertia.

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When was rubber ball created?

Rubber Ball was created on 1960-08-12.

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Does color affect how high a ball bounces?

No, color does not affect how high a ball bounces.

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Why does a rubber ball bounce back like a metal ball?

  • For the rubber ball, the ball gets elastically deformed and the wall not ; this is all reversible. For the metal ball, the ball gets mostly not deformed but the wall gets somehow scratched because of the more localized impact (resulting from the ball not willing to change shape) ; this eats up the kinetic energy...

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Why cant you throw a rubber ball far like a hard ball?

If the ball is lighter than the hard ball, then it is because a heavier ball has more force when moving at the same speed as a lighter ball. If they weigh the same, then it is because in some instances, with certain materials, a hard ball with a lot of "ping" to it will bounce further than a rubber ball, due to motive energy being converted to heat in the polymers of the rubber ball, thus decreasing the total motive energy.

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How hard is the rubber in a lacrosse ball?

Extremely hard! When you try to squeeze it there is barely any give in it.

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When was red rubber ball created?

Red Rubber Ball was created on 1966-04-04.

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Metal ball and rubber ball?

Rub my metal balls or rubber balls.

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Which bounces higher leather basketballs or rubber basketballs?

rubber basketballs by far

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Why does a rubber ball bounce on a hard surface?

The energy exerted when the runner ball hits the hard surface is compacted and then repelled in the opposite direction. It's basic kinetics. :)

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Can i use rubber back rugs on my karndean floor?

  • Use natural weave doormats or rugs on your vinyl floors to keep away from debris and dust into your home. Avoid using mats or rugs that are backed with latex or rubber that could cause permanent damage to flooring. Use floor protectors under furniture legs to prevent vinyl from scratching and scuffing.

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How much does a rubber floor back support mat weigh?

  • Rubber floor mats for gym are both dense and hefty. A 3/4 inches thick 4 by 6 foot mat can weigh over 90 pounds. Multiple people will need to help with the installing process. Thicker units offer extra protection for the subfloor.

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How to remove rubber back rug residue from ceramic floor?

  • Some pieces of the rubber backing from a cheap bath mat are stuck to my new ceramic tile floor. How do I remove the rubber? Apply spray lubricant, like the kind you use on squeaky hinges, to a nylon scrubber (do not spray directly onto the tile — it may stain the grout). Scrub until the rubber loosens, then wipe dry with a paper towel.

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How to throw back a thrown grenade?

Sight your target, cook to about 2 beats, and throw. If the grenade kills an enemy, you get one kill with a grenade thrown back. Repeat 24 more times to get all related awards. (Note that if you...

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When to use rubber mats for floor insulation?

  • Mats of insulating rubber or other suitable floor insulation shall be provided for the operator where the voltage to ground exceeds 150.

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Does the quality of the ball effect how high it bounces?

yes,it probably effects as a stumper ball bounces less as compared to a crazy ball.

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How does temperature affect the height that a dropped ball bounces?

When the ball is at a low temperature, the molecules are not flexible and bounce only to a small height. On the other hand, if the ball is warm or at a higher temperature, it will bounce longer heights.

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When did neil diamond release red rubber ball?

  • And seventy-one years later on April 7th, 1968 Neil Diamond's "Red Red Wine" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #73; on its 2nd and 3rd week on the chart it was at #62, then it fell completely of the Top 100... OK, here's the connection; the B-side of Neil's "Red Red Wine" was his covered version of "Red Rubber Ball".

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When did the mesoamericans invent the rubber ball?

  • By 1600 BC the rubber ball had already been invented by the Ancient Mesoamericans. They made these balls in a variety of sizes; they were solid and were used in a ballgame as well as being burnt as offerings in temples or buried in bogs as a sacrifice. Rubber was made from the latex that comes from the rubber tree in ancient times.

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When did the seekers record red rubber ball?

  • The Seekers also recorded "Red Rubber Ball" for their 1966 album Come the Day (called Georgy Girl in the USA). It also appears on the CD box set The Seekers Complete . In an interview on The Colbert Report, Paul Simon said he wrote "Red Rubber Ball" while living in England to get a £100 advance from The Seekers.

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When was the rubber core golf ball invented?

  • The advent of the rubber core golf ball changed the face of the game of golf as we knew it. This new design was invented in 1898 by Coburn Haskell in association with the BF Goodrich Company.

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Which bounces higher a rubber basketball or a leather basketball?

It all depends on how much air there is inside, where you bounce it, and how you bounce it. Well if there were same amount of air, bounced on the same surface and with the same power, a rubber ball would bounce higher. But that doesn't mean a rubber basketball is simply better. People certainly would choose a leather basketball, because it looks better and has a better quality, and can last longer if played indoors. If you were looking for which is better, I would say that's totally upto you, whether you play indoors (a leather ball would be heaps better), or outdoors (a rubber ball is much better in this case). But if you were looking for which bounced higher, it is definitely rubber. This is because a rubber cover is harder than a leath covering. When something is harder, this allows to put more pressure when the ball hits the floor. This causes the ball to bounce higher.

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Which ball bounce more tennis ball baseball cricket ball or rubber ball?

It's tennis ball.

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Does the color of a bounce ball effect how high it bounces?

No ( uh, the usuals)

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