Why would human contact cause the dog to pee on himself?

Dahlia Sauer asked a question: Why would human contact cause the dog to pee on himself?
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He clearly didn’t put forth his best effort in the fight, he brought down an entire country and Sasori killed the Third, killing Sakura and Chiyo would be child’s play. But he decided not to and instead, Sasori let himself be killed and freed from his despair and loneliness by his grandmother, in the embrace of his “mother” and “father”; Hopefully finally joining them in the afterlife.

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Dogs will urinate when they're scared as well as when they're excited. Human contact may be appreciated so much that the dog literally can't contain itelf. If that's the case, the dog needs more attention. Enough so that it becomes accustomed to having the contact and the excitement levels drop.

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human interaction human contact quotes

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Treating your hair and home. Head lice don't live very long without a human host, but can transfer from one person to another easily through close personal contact. It's important to treat lice immediately and thoroughly to avoid an infestation.

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