Would a gently used cocktail dress make a good gift if it was in excellent condition?

Maximillian Durgan asked a question: Would a gently used cocktail dress make a good gift if it was in excellent condition?
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In general corporate gift baskets are purchased from a retailer such as Amazon.com. They generally contain the same sorts of things as other gift baskets, gourmet food items being the most common. Often a single basket is set out for everyone to share. Typically these would include fruits, cookies, chocolates and other edible items.

❓ Where is a good place to get a gift card online for a cocktail dress?

Well I found a cocktail dress shop which is located here www.dressesforus.com/cocktail-dresses/. You can also try www.ebay.com or you can preload a credit card at www.greendot.com.

❓ Would a spice grinder make a good gift?

Depends on the person you are giving this gift to. Does that person like cooking, eating, baking? Then yes, this would be the perfect gift. If the person is someone with no interest in cooking or baking then I would say no.

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Since cocktail dresses are usually not used very often, they often are available second-hand and look brand new. Ebay is a great place to shop for a cocktail dress.

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mix the ingredients and gently pour them

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To make shrimp cocktail you can either use already cooked shrimp from the market, or you can make your own. In a pot add water, pepper, lemon, thyme, parsley, and garlic. Chop up and onion and add it to the pot. You can also put some celery, or any other seasonings that you enjoy. Bring everything to a boil, lower the heat and drop the shrimp in. Cook the shrimp just until the turn pink and curl. Cool the shrimp. Put cocktail sauce in a glass or bowl and hang the shrimp around the bowl or glass.

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if you send them the gift because of them being staff, then i dont think so, but if you sent them a gift unofficialy then it would be ok

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