Would a human freeze or burn up on saturn?

Elody Moore asked a question: Would a human freeze or burn up on saturn?
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❓ Would a human freeze or burn up in venus?

You would burn on Venus as it is nearer to the Sun than Earth is and is much hotter.

❓ How would a human react on saturn?

they would shrivel up and die... :(

❓ How would a human survive on saturn?

They could not because it is very cold and the gravitation is very high.

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A human would burn on Saturn.

On the "surface" of Saturn, in the troposphere, the temperatures range from about -130°C to about +80°C (-202°F to 176°F.) One could burn or freeze depending on where they are on the planet....

6 Answers. Samuel Chiltern answered. The atmosphere of Saturn is believed to be approximately 96% hydrogen, and completely lacks oxygen, so a human wouldn't be able to breathe. Even wearing breathing apparatus, the outer layers of the atmosphere are incredibly cold (-175 degrees Celsius) and are both stormy and full of ice.

The outer part of Saturn is made of gas and the very top layers have about the same pressure as the air does on Earth. So, if you tried to walk on this part of Saturn, you would sink through its atmosphere. Saturn's atmosphere is very thick and its pressure increases the deeper you go. After a while, you would stop sinking and unfortunately be ...

A NASA probe released detailed images of Saturn, but if you went in person, you'd face electrical currents, deadly winds, and unthinkable pressure.

A human wandering onto the surface would freeze solid in seconds. Directly dealing with this problem costs energy and mass. Thick insulators will be needed to slow down conduction. 10cm of polyurethane foam can reduce heat losses to less than 4W/m^2.

As it gets close to the sun, it heats up and gradually dissassociates into its component molecules, atoms, and then if it makes it that far, plasma. It does not ever burn, as combustion is combining fuel with an oxidant, and there isn't any free oxidant hanging around in solar space.

What the hell did they thought you in school (lol)? Saturn is no place for humans. It’s a gas planet so no solid surface, just endless atmosphere. If you want to visit Saturn, you need a spacecraft strong enough to withstand the planet conditions. Once you enter the planet it would be super cold that you instantly freeze to death (-285F).

It is about as big as our moon and the innermost of Jupiter's moons. Europa is the smallest of the Galilean moons. It has a very smooth surface and a lot of lines and dots on it that may be frozen rivers or seas. Maybe there is even water underneath the surface of Europa. Scientists discovered that, not only Saturn, but also Jupiter has a system of rings.

It gushes radiation, and even though its surface is the coolest part of the star, it burns at about 9,940°F, hot enough to incinerate just about any material.

The most immediate threat to human health on Mars is the low pressure of the planet's atmosphere, which is about 100 times thinner than Earth’s.

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How much liquid nitrogen would freeze a human solid?

We can consider the question purely from an energetic point of view. If you say the human body is water at 37°C that you want to bring to 0°C and freeze. That you take Liquid nitrogen at boiling temperature (-196°C) and want to vaporize it and bring it to 0°C. Then you need approximately 1.2 times more kg of LIN than of human body.

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How quickly would a human freeze in outer space?

Continue Reading. If you were on the dark side of the earth or any object blocking the sun it would take between 8–12 hours depending on your weight and depending if you are alive or dead when you found yourself stranded in space. In direct sunlight you would freeze slow or you may never freeze.

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How long would it take for a human to freeze?

Given the human body has a significant thermal mass and a sustained thermal output (about 100W), it will take a significant time for someone to freeze in a home deep freeze. In one paper dealing with freezing meat upto 15kg, some test samples required over 24 hours to freeze*.

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How long would it take to freeze a human body?

The average person if naked at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius will die in 12 minutes.

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How quickly would the human body freeze at absolute zero?

It'd certainly take longer than instant to freeze all the way through, though, but how much longer i could not venture a guess beyond "minutes to hours". Absolute zero is 0 degrees Kelvin or -273.15 degrees Celsius or -459.67 degrees Fahrenheit.

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How long would it take to burn a human body?

When a human body is cremated, the process takes a couple hours. We know this from modern funeral homes that perform cremations. Ovens are used in order to keep the temperature high enough to completely incinerate the body. Even under these circumstances, there are body parts left intact.

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How long would it take a human to freeze in space?

  • It's also very cold in space. You'll eventually freeze solid. Depending on where you are in space, this will take 12-26 hours, but if you're close to a star, you'll be burnt to a crisp instead. Either way, your body will remain that way for a long time.

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Can a human live on saturn?

No humans are not able to live on Saturn. There is a high concentration of Sulfur which is not able to be processed by human's lungs.

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Can a human survive on saturn?

No one could survive on Saturn without a large amount of strong and sophisticated equipment, most of which does not exist today

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Can human beans live on saturn?

noway Human beings could not live on Saturn, and neither could their beans.

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Could a human survive on saturn?

No, Saturn is a gas planet, you would just keep on falling and never reach the ground. you would eventualy blow up because of the pressure.

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How cold would it have to be to freeze a human solid?

In response to the question you asked: About 31 degrees F. That's sufficiently cold enough to freeze all human fluids and tissues, when you take into account general salinity.

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How long would it take for a human to freeze in antarctica?

Without a protective layer of clothing, this would take about fourteen minutes.

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Does human urine freeze?

The freezing point of urine depends on the concentration of urine, which depends on the quantity of salts, urea, and various other organic substances present. With human urine, that depends mainly on fluid intake, and next the diet. Urine from vegetarians is somewhat different to that from carnivores.

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Does human hair burn?

While it’s proven that hair burns at 451° F, my aim here is to show you how human hair reacts to different temperatures and different lengths of exposure to heat. Because heat damage does not only happen from heat settings, you also have to factor in the length of time, intensity, and concentration of the heat you are using on your hair.

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Is saturn visible to the human eye?

According to a report in Inverse, t o a human eye, Saturn will look like a bright, yellowish orb. All you need is a clear sky and to be in an area as free of light pollution as possible. The middle of desert or ocean, or a mountaintop would be ideal, but you could also try a roof deck, a high balcony, or another such safe viewing spot.

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How long would it take for a human to burn up on mars?

with no helmet less than a day but with helmet about 2 days

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How long would it take to get to saturn in car?

a long time

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Can a human flash freeze?

Cryonics is the idea that you can use extremely low temperatures to preserve humans and animals through cryogenic freezing. However, the procedure is controversial, and the only humans that have been revived after cryogenic freezing are living embryos. The process would probably kill an adult.

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Can a human freeze instantly?

yes if the temperature is -150o Fahrenheit

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Can a human instantly freeze?

How cold does it have to be to freeze someone instantly? At minus 40 to minus 50 F (minus 40 to minus 45 C), hypothermia can set in in just 5 to 7 minutes, he said. A drop in body temperature prevents critical organs from working properly — including the brain and heart, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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Can human blood freeze better?

Not while you are alive. As long as you are alive, your body's life functions will produce sufficient heat that the blood, even in severe hypothermia, will not freeze. Even when portions of the skin freeze (frostbite), the blood will be confined w...

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Can human blood freeze faster?

Background: Bone marrow, peripheral blood, and umbilical cord blood have been used to prepare autologous and allogeneic pluripotential mononuclear cells for use in the repopulation of bone marrow. Study design and methods: The purpose of this study was to evaluate how the temperature and duration of frozen storage of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), as well as the freezing ...

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Can human blood freeze raw?

1. Transfusion. 2006 Jun;46(6):1029-37. Freeze-dried rehydrated human blood platelets regulate intracellular pH. Tang M(1), Wolkers WF, Crowe JH, Tablin F. Author information: (1)Center for Biostabilization, the Section of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and the Department of Anatomy, Physiology, and Cell Biology, the University of California, Davis, California 95616, USA.

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