You live in condo with 5 floors you have otis elevator getting old how can you upgrade and find changes that saves us money to run it?

Justus Wolf asked a question: You live in condo with 5 floors you have otis elevator getting old how can you upgrade and find changes that saves us money to run it?
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❓ How did elisha graves otis invent the elevator break?

by putting two rubber stoppers on the rope that pulls the elevator up or down

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Early Dismissal & Dismissal Changes: For the safety of all students, children may not be checked out of school after 2:15pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday and 1:15pm on Wednesday. If you need to change the way your child goes home in the afternoon or for an early dismissal, please complete our Dismissal Change Request Form via Otis Mason Website.

❓ How many children did otis williams have?

Otis Lamont Williams (AKA Otis Miles III) Elan Carter

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Usually, residential elevators end up costing lots of money when they are not properly maintained, lack a maintenance agreement or are abused by people who use it.If I lived in your building and the board asked me the same question, this is how I would answer.

  • First, what is the maintenance history for the elevator? What is its usual state: operable, or out of order?
  • Second, how much money has been put aside in reserves to upgrade the elevator?
  • Third, how does Otis advise the board about upgrades and operational changes?
  • Fourth, how much does it cost to run the elevator?
Given this raw data, the board should be able to make a decision about finding the best way to save money operating the elevator.Caveat: What extraordinary expenses are there to run the elevator, except electricity?

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(904) 547-8440 (904) 829-2938 fax: (904) 547-8445

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207 Mason Manatee Way St. Augustine, FL 32086 Main: (904) 547-8440 FAX: (904) 547-8445. Contact Us Map & Directions

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