You spilled gas in your car how can you get it out?

Denis Schroeder asked a question: You spilled gas in your car how can you get it out?
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❓ How do you clean off the vitamin water you spilled on your suede pumps?

You can clean off the vitamin water you spilled on your suede pumps with an eraser. Rub the water stain with the eraser very lightly because using pressure will only make the stain worse.

❓ How do you remove spilled wax from wood floors?

leave it to harden and then scrape off using a plastic scraper to prevent scraping the floor.

❓ You put oil in your car and spilled some on your exhaust and now your car is smoking how do you stop it?

Wipe the excess off and wait for the rest to burn off. if you have driven vehicle since you submitted question, u have probaly already burnt spilled oil off of manifold and the problem is solved

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To get rid of gas you just have to burn it. The car would explode if you burn the gas out of the well of my car

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How does one clean a laptop keyboard that still works but is too sticky because it had soda spilled on it?

Each laptop allow to remove its keyboard, go through the manual how to, remove the keyboard. Usually each key can be removed too, make sure that you know how to... Remove each key and clean with clean water, dry it before installation. Clean the keyboard body with slightly wet tissue, dry before installation.

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How do your dog make your dog lesson to your comands?

i train labs ,but every breed has a traing book . I use WATERDOG .

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How does your job affect your health?

Work-related problems can affect our physical, emotional and mental health. Common issues include job dissatisfaction, workplace injury, stress, discrimination and bullying, violence, accidental death and retirement. Job loss, retrenchment or unexpected loss of income can also cause distress and hardship.

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Your son will be a nephew to your brother, and will call him "Uncle".

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Michael Holland unravels the mysteries of leadership. Michael is a professional executive coach and trusted advisor to executives who seek to become better leaders and build cohesive teams. Michael’s wisdom and insight are the product of 30 plus years of leadership experience and an uncanny, natural ability to perceive the questions that need ...

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When Can Your Employer Use Your Biometrics? More Employers Are Using Biometric Identifiers. Biometric identifiers are the unique physical characteristics you... The Concern Over Biometric Identifiers. Without strict safety and use rules, these facts can lead us down the dystopian... Five Things ...

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Can your rubber band of your braces get stuck in your throat?

What is really cool about the colors on your braces is that the rubber bands do not come off of the actual braces but the ones that attach the top and bottom teeth do come off. So I would not worry because the bands do need come off so therefore you will not choke on them. Not to worry. I highly doubt that would happen because I cannot even get mine off. Also, just so you know, the dentist takes them off for you and you are supposed to be able to take them out so if you can you should call up your dentist and discuss it with him/her. I don't know if other people's can because at my dentist the bands do not come off.

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How can you find your contacts from your iphone on your computer?

you can find your iPhone contacts on computer by using Contacts backup app. at

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How do you connect your netflix from your phone to your tv?

There should be as special cord that allows your phone to be connected to the TV. (Which would essentially allow the TV to be a projector of a sort for your phone) If you meant video log, then you can either download Netflix as an app onto your TV and log in to your account or if you have a Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. then you can download Netflix as an app/icon onto there and log in.

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How do you import your videos from your phone to your computer?

U must connect your phone usb connector from your phone to your computer so you can open the files from your phone to your computer and have it copied

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How do you transfer your contacts from your outlook to your ipad?

You connect it to itunes and go to the contacts bar and sync outlook contacts

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How do you transfer your photos from your iphone to your computer?

If you install the iTunes on your computer, when you synchronize your device with a computer, it offers to download the photos via iTunes. You can transfer the photos to computer by iTunes. Read more: How to Transfer Photo from iPhone to Computer see Related Link below.

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How can you transfer your own videos from your computer to your iphone?

try emailing it to yourself from the computer then checking your email on you iphone and save it

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How do you download your saved files from your phone to your computer?

in your ph's address/contacts list, enter/add your email address to your contacts, & exit. 2/ go to file you wish to send, click/press options key, then add or insert, which will take you to a list which should give you your contacts, recent calls etc... in contacts list, click ok..scroll to newly added email address, click add and depending on your ph, it should give you two options...a check mark or goes to your email address. log into your email address...dwnload the files to your computer---voila!! i do it all the time.

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How do you put your photos off your lg secret onto your computer?

change the settings on the conectivity menu on your phone to pictbridge change the settings on the conectivity menu on your phone to pictbridge

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How do you save your pictures from your iphone to your gmail account?

You can upload pictures from I phone to Gmail account. You have to send it as an attachment. It is stored then in your Google Account.

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How do you transfer your pictures from your laptop to your cell phone?

What I do is I email my pics to my android phone then I just copy my photos to my phone.

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How are your canines different from your incisors?

Your canines are your eyeteeth. Your incisors are the sharp front teeth used for biting. The canines are used for tearing and the molars for chewing.

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How do delete your history on your computer?


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How do your night clothes affect your sleep?

Research shows that wearing binding clothing at night can also inhibit melatonin production which is responsible for regulating your sleep cycles, and if your body’s circadian rhythm is off balance, then this could really affect your sleep quality. Stick to cotton

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  • How using your legs keeps your brain healthy. New research suggests that moving one’s legs is crucial for brain health. In fact, exercising leg muscles helps the brain to produce new neurons, the study suggests. The findings help researchers to better understand the progression of neurological and motor neuron diseases.

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How does popping your bones affect your body?

If you do it to much you maybe at risk for arthritis.

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