Your blackberry curve disconnected from the internet how do you reconnect?

Quinton Rolfson asked a question: Your blackberry curve disconnected from the internet how do you reconnect?
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❓ How do you change your blackberry curve rongtone for texts?

click on profiles in app menu then all the way down to advanced options. go 2 the profile you want and press the menu key then edit

❓ How do you change your phone name on blackberry curve?

U go to the settings nd then go to display settings nd it should say display banner then click on tht nd edit it

❓ How do you delete gmail chat from blackberry curve 8520?

You can delete the chat of Google easily. You have to login from the blackberry curve first. Then go into the chat and delete it.

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how do i reconnect my email on a blackberry phone

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How do you lengthen the ringtone on blackberry curve?

You cannot lengthen the ringtone but there are many ringtones loaded of varying lengths. Go to Music -> Ringtones and a list of ringtones and their lengths will appear. Select a different ringtone of the length you want.

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How do you upload pictures from blackberry curve without media card or email?

How do i upload pictures from my blackberry curve??

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How do you lock or unlock the blackberry curve 8520?

to lock the keypad you press the 'a' button. and to unlock you press the press the play/pause button :D:D

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How do you turn the speaker on a blackberry curve?

  1. To turn speaker phone on:Press the $ button during the call. This will activate the speaker phone feature and switch from the ear piece to the speaker. Press it slowly, tapping it twice will cancel it before the speaker has a chance to turn on.
  2. To turn speaker phone off:Press the $ button while the call is in progress and the speaker phone is on. This will shut down the speaker phone option and return the sound from the speaker to the ear piece.

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How to track active apps on the blackberry curve 8350i?

The BlackBerry Curve 8350i has many preinstalled apps and also enables you to download additional apps from third-party developers. You can run one app while several other apps operate in the background. Whenever you open a new app, the previous apps continue to operate. You can track your active apps by pressing the "Menu" key to access the Apps page. Press and hold the "Alt" key then push the "Esc" key. Scroll through the list to view the active apps operating on your BlackBerry Curve.

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How can you download hindi fonts in mobile blackberry curve 8520?


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How can you reconnect to internet explorer?

You can reconnect to Internet explorer by stopping its process. You can then open it again.

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How do you transfer phone contacts from your dash to your curve?

A person can transfer Sims cards from one phone to the next to transfer the contacts. A person can also transfer the contacts to a SD card, then put the SD card in the new phone and extract them.?æ

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How do you export contacts from your blackberry to your computer?

Load blackberry software on your computer, connect by cable and check the settings, then synchronize

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How do you export contacts from your computer to your blackberry?

what program are you using for your contacts.if your using outlook upload the blackberry desktop software and sync your phone. you can export your contacts from your system by using blue tooth devices or data cord.

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How do you send pictures from your ipod to your blackberry?

You can't unless you put your iPod pictures on a computer then connect your blackberry and impot the pictures you want.

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How do you get blackberry messenger off your blackberry?

you just have to go to desktop manager after you plug it into your computer and go to the applications list and delete it. You can also try doing it form your phone settings under advanced settings > applications. but desktop manager for sure.

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How do you turn the camera sound off on the blackberry curve?

you turn it off, by turning it off, by turning it off. Go to settings, turn it off

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How do you download blackberry app world on your blackberry?

Plug your Blackberry device into a PC or computer drive. Load up Blackberry Desktop Software and it tells you how to do it from there on.

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How do i reconnect alexa to the internet?

Tap on Device Settings Now scroll down until you find the Echo device you want to reconnect. Even if the device is offline, the Alexa app will still show its Wi-Fi settings and the name of the network it is trying to connect to in your space. Tap on the word Change to the right of Wi-Fi Network.

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How can you stop your blackberry screen from turning sideways?

break your blackberry.

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How do you download blackberry apps to your computer and install on your blackberry?

You don't download blackberry apps on your computer you do it on your blackberry.Dah

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How can you keep your wild blackberry cobbler from tasting bitter?

Add some sugar to the filling before baking it.

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How do you export contacts from your blackberry to nokia 6500?

You need to have Blackberry Desktop Manager software installed. You need to synchronize to Outlook, making sure that "Synchronize Organizer Data" is selected. The contacts will then be available in your Outlook Contacts. You need to 'select all' and email to yourself. They will then be sent as individual vcf files. Then you Save Attachments to a folder on your computer. You then need to open Nokia PC Suite. Then manage your contacts and add the files where you saved them.

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How do you import your contacts from blackberry to iphone 4s?

If you you have At&t then take the two phones to the At&t store and they can transfer the contacts between the two phones.

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How do you install your blackberry to your computer?

Get a ''USB'' cabel and then hook it up to our phone and then plug it in our computierAnswer:You also need to download the Blackberry Desktop program from their website. That enables you to transfer,update and sync the software on the device. Without it, you can't even see the files on the Blackberry :-D

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How much does a curve help your grade?

The term grading on a curve describes the various methods a teacher uses to adjust the scores that students get on an examination one way or another. Gradually, grading on a curve improves students' grades by raising their actual scores by a few notches, probably improving a letter grade.

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