Your dd form 214 was discharged under general how can you get it changed to honorable?

Irwin Rempel asked a question: Your dd form 214 was discharged under general how can you get it changed to honorable?
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❓ How do i get my dd214 changed to honorable?

Changes to DD 214 or other military records cannot be done through the VA. Such requests for change must be processed through the Department of Defense, Army Review Boards Agency (ARBA). For Army records, you may also contact the Department of Defense, ARBA. You may also send an e-mail to: [email protected]

❓ How do you change another than honorable to an honorable discharge?

Almost always, you can not change your discharge from the US military from "other than honorable" to "honorable". On very rare occasions, you MIGHT be able to do this, however, you would have to prove that the discharge was incorrectly listed on your DD214.

❓ How long do pay benefits continue after a general or honorable us military discharge?

Military pay ends on the date of discharge, for honorable, general under honorable, general under less than honorable, and dishonoralbe discharges. There are no residual benefits for less than honorable or dishonorable discharges.

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My DD Form 214 was discharged under general how can I get it changed to Honorable?

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Is penciling in a g beside honorable on your dd214 character of service block legal?

NO! ANY alteration of your DD214 negates it's validity

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