Your dog has a big bubble on her ear how can you take care of it?

Araceli Turcotte asked a question: Your dog has a big bubble on her ear how can you take care of it?
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A serene mind really is nothing without a healthy body to carry it. So take an hour—yes an hour!—out of your day a few times a week to care for it. Sleep, eat, rest, get a massage.

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With a rusty box cutter.

❓ How do you take care of your hair?

First thing, wash your hair. Then put conditioner in your hair. Take a comb and run through your hair. When there is no knots rinse hair. Then comb it again. Repeat everyday.

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If this bubble is full of blood, you need to lance this and drain the blood. This is best done by a vet.

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take her to a care home or get a carer to come to her house 20/4/7

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2.Keep curly hair clean and soft. you need to keep your own curly hair clean and soft, please co-wash it twice each week and leave the hair extensions in the conditioner longer to get more nutrition to make the hair extension more smooth and soft. 3.Braided wefts to set overnight.

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  • To ensure a long and happy dog life, your pet must have proper nutrition, adequate exercise, and regular check-ups to the vet. Most humans know that dogs age faster than humans. But it is not true that one dog year is equivalent to 7 human years. Because for calculating age, the size and weight of the dog are much more important.

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bubble bath solution + running water = bubble bath

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Love her.

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When you put gum in your mouth, your taste-buds sense the flavour and start producing saliva. This is normal with any food, as the saliva makes the food slide down your oesophagus easier. The gum itself is pretty much flavoured rubber, it isn't meant to dissolve. Rubber doesn't dissolve unless you light it on fire. But I doubt you'd be lighting your mouth on fire just to see. The chewing, the saliva and the flexibility of the gum. The chewing squishes the gum around, the saliva makes it wet and release more flavour and the flexibility of the gum just makes it fun to chew. In other're chewing flavoured rubber. That's why you shouldn't swallow it either. It's not meant to dissolve quickly. So it just sits in your stomache and makes it harder for you to go poopies.

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