Your fiance and you just bought a house together you will not be married until 2009 how will you file the interest paid for 2008?

Raina Bogisich asked a question: Your fiance and you just bought a house together you will not be married until 2009 how will you file the interest paid for 2008?
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First and foremost, only the person who actually paid the mortgage interest (from his/her own funds) may deduct any of it. Then, it depends on how the house is deeded. If you own it in joint tenancy with rights of survivorship with your fiance, the person who paid it may deduct it. If you split the payments, you may split the deduction in the same proportion as you paid it. If you own the house as tenants in common, each of you may deduct as much as you actually paid, but only to the extent of your ownership interest in the property -- probably 50%. That is, even if you paid 100% of the mortgage payments, you may deduct no more than half of the interest.

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