Your mom knows you smoke weed and is suspicious how do you seem like im not doing it?

Devan McClure asked a question: Your mom knows you smoke weed and is suspicious how do you seem like im not doing it?
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❓ How do i make myself seem less suspicious?

To stop making yourself seem suspicious, don't do anything suspicious.

❓ How do you get weed license to smoke weed?

Most (but not all) states also require you to pay a fee to receive your license. How and when you pay your fee will vary by state, but there should be instructions available with your registration paperwork. State fees range from $10 to $200. 3

❓ How can you clean your sistem if you smoke weed?

The only way to clean your system of THC is to not use it.

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You should probably just stop doing it and make something of yourself.

Tell her you think she thinks you smoked pot, and then tell her that you tried it a couple of times but quit. Then say you're sorry, and then volunteer the drug test. If your mom is anything like mine, she'll believe you and won't take you up on the offer for a DT.

to xxjjxx. weed is not killing you keep smoking just keep it under the radar stop for a few montsh invest in some spray deodorant during that time so you wont make it look suspicious. visine is good to. or any eye reliever. but back to my other point weed is better for you then tobacco or alcohol is and it doesnt affect your motor skills as much as alcohol does.

As Cook says, you should consider it toxic “if your mom refuses to allow you to ‘grow up’ by insisting she does things for you that you should be doing for yourself, like making the bed ...

This is still true if her reactions are simply inconsistent. If sometimes she's proud, but sometimes inexplicably rude, that's a sign of toxicity too. "Some days [toxic moms] are happy for their ...

You can consume too much cannabis in much the same way that you can accidentallyeat too many candies. It won’t be deadly, but there can be five uncomfortablesymptoms to deal with. 1. Too much cannabis can cause a “white-out”. A white-out, or whitey, is a sideeffect of acute cannabis intoxication.

Standing completely still suggests a deer in headlights and may further convince your parents that you’re guilty. Move around, but do so naturally – if you don’t usually gesture with your hands when you talk, don’t start using excessive hand gestures now. Don’t cross your arms over your chest.

If you never see them smoke but they have a lighter to give you, you can basically guarantee that they smoke weed. Be careful that you’re not just asking someone who smokes cigarettes. But if they don’t have that lingering tobacco smell, then you probably have a stoner nearby.

level 1. fumadan. · 6y Camel. The first one the find out was my older brother, I was 14 at the lime he was 17. As he lit up a cigarette, he looked at me and said, you need one to don't you. He himself started smoking at 14 so didn't think anything was wrong with me smoking.

I have ADHD and various MH stuff, I do my best to manage it but I'm aware I can be weird and kinda annoying. Based on her remarks, she views my difficulties as a ploy for getting attention. Even with things that seem really small and not noticeable to me, she's like "Wow, so quirky" or rolls her eyes and sighs.

To tell a lie, keep the lie simple and don't add unnecessary details so your story doesn't seem suspicious. For example, if you're lying about why you're late to work, you can just say "Traffic was backed up on the highway," and leave it at that. Also, try not to involve anyone else in your lie or you'll have to worry about keeping your stories straight.

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How do you get weed license to smoke oil?

Find a physician. If you think you may be eligible for a medical marijuana license, your next step is to find a doctor who is willing to authorize it. This could be your regular doctor if you have one, or it could be someone else.

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How do you smoke weed to get the highest?

This experience can be very subjective, however, and may be unpleasant for some. You can also try mixing your strains of marijuana. By adding different cannabinoids to your bowl or joint, you will no doubt get higher. Each strain of marijuana contains different cannabinoids, and each of them has a different effect.

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How does wiz khalifa smoke weed without getting caught?

He has a medicinal merajuana card.

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How much weed can you smoke before testing positive?

it doesnt matter how much you smoke. as soon as you smoke it, its in your system.

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How do you smoke weed out of a vape pen?

You'd have to buy a dry herb vape. Liquid vapes won't do it.

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How long do you stay high when you smoke weed?

ypu should not smoke weed in the first place you crach head

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What will happen if you smoke human ashes in weed?

It will go to your lungs and in a matter of time it'll kill your A**

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Why does my cat seem so human like?

You’ll have a better chance of forming a good relationship with your cat if you let them stay in control. Cats like people who respect their space. If someone does that, the cat will learn to appreciate their restraint. They’ll reward them with attention later on when their mood changes.

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When you smoke weed how long does it take to get high?

Usually 5 to 10 minutes.

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How does fire smoke affect your lungs?

The biggest health threat from smoke is from fine particles. These microscopic particles can penetrate deep into your lungs. They can cause a range of health problems, from burning eyes and a runny nose to aggravated chronic heart and lung diseases. Exposure to particle pollution is even linked to premature death.

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How does your car get smoke belching?

When a car begins belching smoke, it is probably burning excess oil or gas. It is likely that a seal is leaking in the engine.

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Click Here To Learn How To Teach A Dog To Stop Doing Something in 3 Easy Steps “Tricks are like puzzles for dogs; teaching your dog new tricks not only challenges his mind, but enhances his focus and intelligence,” explains Kyra Sundance, California-based stunt dog show performer and trainer and New York Times bestselling author of 101 Dog Tricks. ” The process of challenging your dog to ...

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My parents know I like anime, and they don't really mind. But I mainly watch comedy/slice-of-life anime and rom-com anime, which have a LOT of scenes that could be taken out of context. They'd even tell me off if they saw 2 characters kissing, because apparently I'm still a child (I'm 18 by the way). And God forbid they catch me watching a beach episode. My dad likes anime so I'm able to. But I'm afraid that they'll catch me because I don't want them to say that 'it's why I'm so slow' but ...

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How to like doing homework?

Choose a time of day when you feel energetic. If you want to enjoy doing your homework, the time of day you start can make a big difference. Everyone has certain times during the day where they feel more energetic or more tired. You're unlikely to enjoy homework if you feel exhausted while studying.

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How much weed do you have to smoke to fail a hair test?

Any at all. Everything that goes on in your body is basically recorded by your hair follicles like a timeline.

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How do you make smoke with your mouth?

Fill your cheeks with air while continuing to breathe through your nose. Put pressure on the air in your mouth without allowing any air to be released. This will allow the moisture in your mouth to evaporate into water vapor under high pressure. After a few seconds, quickly release the air from your mouth.

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How often should you check your smoke alarm?

Smoke alarms should be tested at least once a month. All smoke alarms have a test button that you push to check out the entire alarm, including its sensitivity (how much smoke it takes to set it off). If the testing mechanism does not work properly, the alarm should be replaced immediately. Never use open flame devices to test an alarm.Older adults and the physically impaired may have problems reaching their alarms to test them. There is one brand of smoke alarm on which the test feature can be activated by shining a flashlight on it. Another brand has an automatic test that activates at the same time and day, once a week. These models can be used where proper testing might not otherwise be done.Smoke alarms need no maintenance other than changing batteries (in those that have batteries) and an occasional vacuuming of dust or cobwebs. Every smoke alarm comes with a homeowner booklet, which describes how to use and take care of that particular alarm. You should read that booklet and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

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How often should you test your smoke alarms?

How often should you test your smoke alarms

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How much cash deposit is suspicious?

The $10,000 Rule

Ever wondered how much cash deposit is suspicious? The Rule, as created by the Bank Secrecy Act, declares that any individual or business receiving more than $10 000 in a single or multiple cash transactions is legally obligated to report this to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

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So if you don't mind your apartment smelling like a salad for a little while, pour some small bowls of white vinegar and let them sit in the worst-smelling rooms of the apartment for a while.

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Yes, you can use your air conditioner to remove unpleasant smells from your house. The best method to achieve this is to open the windows up a little more than usual and then start the air conditioner in “ventilation” mode on one of the higher fan speeds. This will exhaust the smells out of the building. Does smoke come through air conditioner? No.

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Why would an engine smoke and smell like burning rubber?

Possibly a problem with one of your belts?

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