Your toilet flange broke how do you replace it?

Keshawn Fadel asked a question: Your toilet flange broke how do you replace it?
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❓ How do you replace a glued toilet flange?

PVC I assume. If you can get to the pipe, cut it and replace a short section along with the flange. There is a flat steel repair ring that could be screwed down on top of the flange. There are flat repair plates for cast iron flanges that might work. They are about 6 inches long, curved the same radius as the flange and slide under the old flange to give you some place for the anchor bolts to slide into.

❓ How do you remove a toilet flange?

  • Here’s how to remove your toilet flange in seven easy steps: Turn off the water supply by rotating the water supply knob behind the toilet in a clockwise direction. Empty the toilet by flushing it repeatedly until both bowl and tank are empty. You’ll need to sponge out any water left in the bottom of the bowl and tank.

❓ How do you repair toilet bowl mounting flange?

depending on your type of flange and pipe and the damage of the flange, if you have a PVC flange with just the bolt slots busted then you can screw in new bolts to the floor below the flange and still use the flange but if its broken where the wax seal sits then if your flange is lower then the floor you can use a insert flange that fits inside your old toilet flange with thin walls to keep the pipe size maximum. To replace the entire flange can be a job especially if its in concrete or in a floor joist because most of the time you have no room and if its cast iron pipe it can be even more of headache but in order to replace the flange you need to cut it out to where you can reconnect the pipe and flange by using a fernco or a no hub band. Sometimes it is impossible to replace because the flange can be on all close fittings and you pretty much have to replace most of the plumbing drain pipe to replace it properly which is why you want to try repairing your toilet flange rather then replacing it .

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Depends on the type what means I use to replace it CAST Iron/ BRASS / Antimony / PVC / SCREWED TYPE

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How do you fit wnrf flange onto an rtj flange?

Not. There's no way to connect a WNF to an RTJ flange.

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How do you replace a flapper in a toilet?

Shut the water supply off to the toilet. Flush the toilet. Pull the old flapper out and replace it with the same type. Turn the water back on and test the toilet.

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How do you replace the diaphragm in a toilet?

Diaphram? I'm not sure what part you are talking about. Normally replace the fill valve with a Fluidmaster 400a, new supply line, and the flapper with the proper one for your toilet.

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How do you replace the toilet shut off valve?

With two wrenches

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How do you install a regular toilet flange on a cast iron 6 inch sewer pipe?

If you can get to the 6 inch cast iron, you could use a rubber coupler between the cast and the flange. If it is in the concrete, put a piece of 4 inch PVC inside the 6 inch and lead it in like you would a regular cast joint. Leave the 4 inch above the floor and slide the flange over it, screw it down and cut the 4 inch flush with the flange. They make just the flange that will slide over the pipe.

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How do you replace window with a nailing flange on houses with rock exteriors?

2 ways:

  1. remove the flange and install as replacement frame
  2. attach flange normally and fabricate trim to fill gap form removed material

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How do i replace a wax ring under the toilet?

You can find detailed instructions for replacing the wax ring under your toilet at It should cost around $20.00 to complete this job.

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How do you replace a wax seal on a toilet?

  • Unwrap the new wax seal, and place it over the flange on the floor with the round side up, exactly centered over the opening. Be sure both bolts are in place. Lift the toilet and place it over the flange and seal, keeping the toilet as level as possible. Sit on the toilet to help the new seal do its actual sealing.

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How much do plumbers charge to replace the toilet kit?

Most plumbers would charge 2 hours to replace a complete toilet.

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How much does it cost to replace a toilet drain?

Depends how much of it you replace . Also how much flooring you remove if you can't get underneath.

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How much does it cost to replace a toilet seat?

It can be very inexpensive to replace a toilet seat if you do it yourself. You can visit your local hardware to get the parts and buy a book there on how to replace it yourself.

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How do you know when it's time to replace a toilet?

  • To help you determine when to replace a toilet, take a look at some common problems that you may encounter. Rebuilding a toilet can include quite a few items in the tank, like its handle, the flapper, and the fill valve. Some of these repairs can be easily done, but it will cost you money and requires time.

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How do you replace a toilet after you tile the floor?

With a deep floor flange Or a wax seal with a horn and extra long Brass floor flange bolts

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What is a counter flange and how is it different from a normal flange?

The term"counter flange" is used in Europe to refer to a mating flange to make up a flange pair. For example a "counter flange" attached to a pipe must have the same bolt circle diameter, number of bolts, and size of bolts and pressure rating at the equipment nozzle flange provided by an equipment manufacturer.

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How can you tell if your eardrum is broke?

Stick a skewer in your ear... if you pop the drum, then it wasn't broken.

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How long does a flange last?

Between the toilet and the flange is a wax seal. The wax keeps water from leaking as it passes from the toilet to the drain pipe. It also seals against foul sewer gas odors. A wax seal will often last the life of the toilet, 20 or 30 years, without needing to be changed.

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How do you know when it is time to replace a toilet?

  • These small cracks can turn into a flood of water at the worst possible time. Porcelain cracks can also be the source of an active leak. Inspect your tank and bowl for any cracks occasionally when you clean the toilet.

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How much does a plumber cost to replace wax seal on toilet?

depending on your area, $80.00 on up.

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How often does the average family have to replace a toilet roll?

An average family consisting of four people can most likely expect to replace a standard roll of toilet paper twice a week, depending on the absence of illness or other medical issues which necessitate the need for more toilet paper.

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Replace your broken biometric passport?

The Identity and Passport Service will examine any faulty ePassports returned to it and, where it concludes the chip unit contains a manufacturing fault, the ePassport will be replaced free of charge."

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How do they check to see if your water broke?

If the paper doesn't react, your water has not broken. The other test is to take a small sample of fluid and look at it under a microscope. When amniotic fluid is dry the pattern it makes on the microscope slide looks like a fern plant and is therefore called ferning. Thus, if they see ferning, your water has broken.

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How often should you change your toilet flapper?

  • I would say most should last anywhere from 6 to 10 years easily. There are different conditions placed on our toilets, however. How often is it used, what kind of water is running through it, etc. For most people though, I would expect changing out the flapper once every 10 years is more common.

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