Zoos are worse than human prisons?

Katheryn Watsica asked a question: Zoos are worse than human prisons?
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❓ Why don't we make human prisons into zoos?

And that makes sense. We wouldn’t go to a prison to learn about typical human society, so why would we try to learn about animals by observing them in captivity? At the …

❓ Where there human zoos?

Human zoos, also known as ethnological expositions, were public displays of people, usually in an erroneously labeled "natural" or "primitive" state. They were most prominent during the 19th and 20th centuries. These displays often emphasized the supposed inferiority of the exhibits' culture, and implied the superiority of "Western society"…

❓ Who banned human zoos?

And by the time of the fair in Brussels, the notion of a human zoo was largely considered distasteful and had been banned in most countries. Yet change didn’t happen quickly enough for those of the...

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First of all, zoos are worse than human prisons, zoos hold innocent animals and ban them from acquiring their freedom. Well, aside from animals like bear and tiger which would have aggression against humans and attack them but as mentioned, they are not to be blame because that is their nature, they are wild and curious.

Probably the biggest difference between zoos and prisons is that human inmates have committed some crime and are capable of understanding why they are incarcerated, but when it comes to zoos, the animals are trapped there against their will, just like

The difference in treatment is because animals in zoos are deliberately exposed to the public eye, whereas people in prison are isolated away from the public eye where their humanity is denied, and they are vilified as criminals.

This unique analysis compares the treatment of zoo animals and prisoners. The findings reveal that Taronga Zoo's gorillas are given twenty four times more space than people held inside the private Parklea prison. This research shows that zoos have stringent

The abnormal behaviour of animals, acquired in captivity (zoos) is a negative factor for reintroduction in nature, since it reduces the chances of survival. According to data released by the English organisation the RSPCA on a report on elephants, the majority of

In the same way that zoos underline human superiority, “prison tours impart notions of human superiority measured against captive and animalized beings.” Zoos contain the “danger” of nature in a way that makes it safe for humans to consume; prison tours “teach visitors that prisoners are dangerous animals in need of containment.”

My statement was simply meant to correct your general misconception that zoos are no less "prisons" than the loving homes of carents. Homes (actually houses, places or areas) where pets are mistreated can be worse – even MUCH worse than zoos.

Zoos are definitely not like prisons to animals. Zoos are wonderful places and no one should think they are anything like prisons. Zoos could help the animals if the species is in danger or has a disease. Zoos design the animals enclosures so that they feel at home and safe from other predators.

As Kaufman points out, zoos “are teaching the wrong lesson — that it is acceptable to keep animals in captivity, bored, cramped, lonely and far from their natural homes” (June 11, 1997, p. 611K7091). In zoos, a great number of people walk by each animal every day; this must irritate all the animals.

The argument that zoos have educational merit might have once seemed convincing, but there is less reason to see animals in captivity than ever before.

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Disturbing conditions of the prison and violation of the basic human rights such as custodial deaths, physical violence/torture, police excess, degrading treatment, custodial rape, poor quality of food, lack f water supply, poor health system support, not producing the prisoners to the court, unjustified prolonged incarceration, forced labor and other problems observed by the apex court have led to judicial activism.

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  • Information on human rights abuses against prisoners, including summary executions, torture, beatings, the use of leg irons, and the deprivation of care, in prisons around the world. Human Rights Watch: Human Rights Abuses Against Prisoners HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH PRISON PROJECT HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES AGAINST PRISONERS

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